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8Sinn Accessories for RED V-RAPTOR Released

8Sinn recently released a new series of accessories for the RED V-RAPTOR. This fresh line of products includes a top plate, left and right plates, a NATO rail, and a lens adapter support. All these accessories are now available for pre-order and should start shipping by the end of February.

Five months after the release of the RED V-RAPTOR, the market is slowly starting to mushroom with third-party accessories for this camera. For example, a few days ago, we briefly covered the release of the new GDU accessories for RED’s flagship model.

Now it’s the turn of 8Sinn, whose cage has become quite popular among RED KOMODO users. The company is introducing a whole new pack of accessories for the V-RAPTOR as well. So let’s take a quick look.

8Sinn accessories for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

8Sinn accessories for RED V-RAPTOR: overview

This new series of V-RAPTOR accessories from 8Sinn includes a top plate, left and right plates, a NATO rail, and a support for the 8Sinn Evolution lens mount adapter.

All these new aluminum pieces seem to wrap around the camera body nicely, providing protection and additional mounting points without obstructing any essential element on the V-RAPTOR.

Several 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes populate the surface of these accessories. Moreover, all the bigger mounting points are equipped with ARRI locating pins to prevent mounted accessories from rotating and falling off.

All items feature a minimum number of contact points with the camera body. This solution keeps these plates slightly lifted from the camera, thus preventing damage to the alloy, especially when using longer screws.

8Sinn Top Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

Top Plate for RED V-RAPTOR

The 8Sinn Top Plate for the RED V-RAPTOR is a single piece of aluminum. It connects to the top of the camera body via four screws, and it easily adapts to the operator’s preferences. In fact, it can be mounted either facing forward or backward, always leaving the top vent unobstructed.

The plate is also compatible with the 8Sinn RAVEN Top Handle, which can be mounted using the 3/8” center hole. 

8Sinn Top Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

Left and right side plates

Since the left and right sides of the camera body are not identical, 8Sinn developed two different side plates.

8Sinn Left Side Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

While the left one features a larger surface and a bigger number of mounting points, the right one is much slimmer.

This design of the right side plate keeps the controls and LCD screen on this side of the camera easily accessible. Moreover, the right side plate is also compatible with the left side of the camera if flipped.

8Sinn Right Side Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn


The new 95 mm long NATO Rail is compatible with both the RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR. It features a safety pin on each end to avoid accessories from accidentally slipping off. A top handle can also be screwed to the rail using the center 3/8” threaded hole with locating pins.

8Sinn NATO Rail for RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

Support for 8Sinn Evolution lens mount adapter

Last but not least, a new support for the company’s Evolution RF to PL lens mount adapter is also available. Designed exclusively for the V-RAPTOR, it screws directly into the front of the camera body and into the lens adapter, providing a solid support to the lens mount.

Lens Mount Adapter Support for 8Sinn Evolution and RED V-RAPTOR. Source: 8Sinn

Price and availability

These new accessories for the RED V-RAPTOR are now available for pre-order on the 8Sinn website and should start shipping by the end of February. Pricing ranges from $25 for the lens adapter support to $59 for the top plate. The manufacturer also provides a few different bundles of the new products.

What do you think of these new V-RAPTOR accessories from 8Sinn? Did you have the chance to try out their products for the RED KOMODO? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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