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All Evil Dead: The Game Missions

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Despite primarily being an asymmetrical online multiplayer, there are single-player aspects to Evil Dead: The Game, too. The most prominent and game-changing of these are Evil Dead’s Missions, a selection of individual, story-driven, single-player challenges. Missions allow you to unlock characters and skins while enjoying an alternative gameplay experience.

Since people started getting to grips with Evil Dead: The Game on May 13, 2022, it’s become quite apparent that these Missions aren’t quick little side quests. In fact, they seem to be taking even the most hardened of horror gamers a few attempts to complete successfully. While we’re not letting you off the hook with an entire walkthrough of them all, we can get you off to a running start with a full guide to your first Mission, If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw. Here, we’ll be giving you a more brief rundown of what to expect from all five current Missions, giving you a few hints along the way.

Chapter 1 — If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw

Linda’s looking-glass necklace became a recurring amulet in the Evil Dead franchise, saving Ash in more than one difficult situation. So what would have happened to him were it lost? Well, we don’t even want to know the answer to that, so you’d better recover it.

Evil Dead Challenges If you Love Someone

Make your way to Bronson Cave and locate the precious jewelry. But, obviously, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of Deadite enemies on your way.

Top tip: Stay aware of your surroundings, we got downed from behind multiple times… don’t get caught out.

Chapter 2 — Party Down

With all this horror, gore and killing going on, you might need a bit of a break. Well, why not throw a rager? In Party Down, you are going to want to gather up a sufficient quantity of Wideman’s Brew in order to throw an epic party. Why, you ask? To lure in the joyriders who stole Ash’s classic Oldsmobile Delta. You need that car back – and, more importantly, the Necronomicon in the back – before it’s turned into a sentient killer car.

Evil Dead Missions Party Down

Of course, Party Down isn’t actually a break. You’ll be grabbing bottles of Wiseman’s from under the noses of Deadites. Not only must you collect enough beer, you’ll also need to kill all the surrounding Deadites in order to complete Party Down. And you’ll only have a Shovel to hand.

Top tip: Be sparing with your ammo. Or at least accurate with your shots. Without a decent melee weapon, you might get caught out if you run out of bullets too early.

Chapter 3 — Kill ‘Em All

Literally. Just kill ‘em all. The woods are being completely overrun by Deadites, and you’re the only one who can get rid of them.

Evil Dead Missions Kill Em All

In this Mission, you’re timed, so you best get a move on. Locate the Oldsmobile and take it between three Deadite infestation sites, killing every Deadite around. You’ll start off with 12 Deadites, then nine, then four, but as they decrease in quantity, they’ll increase in power.

Top tip: Keep an eye on your fear level and don’t let it get too high. If it does, be sure to start a campfire and reset it.

Chapter 4 — It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go

Pablo’s been invited on a killing spree by Ash. Go meet him at Fairview Campground, and bring plenty of weaponry and ammo.

In It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go, you’ll be playing as Pablo instead of Ash. And, if and when you succeed, you’ll unlock Pablo as a playable character in multiplayer, too. You’ll start off heading to find Ash at his place in Fairview Campground, only, spoiler alert…

Evil Dead Its Not Gonna Let Us Go

..he’s not there. Now, you’ll need to head over to El Brujo’s before embarking on a manhunt for your friend. Find his possessed hand… that’ll lead you to him.

Top tip: Find an amulet and use it well, don’t get into fights until you have to. There’ll be plenty of Deadites on your journey to Fairview, but you’ll only have to kill those around El Brujo’s hut, or whenever else your current goal asks you to.

Chapter 5 — Homecoming King

Nope, you’re not back in 1300 AD. This time, Lord Arthur has somehow made his way to you. Let’s get him home.

In the fifth Evil Dead: The Game Mission, you’ll be playing as Lord Arthur. Again, upon completion of Homecoming King, Lord Arthur will be unlocked as a playable character in other modes.

Evil Dead Missions Homecoming King

Lord Arthur has found himself in the wrong time and place, you need to find the rift in time and space to get back to Castle Kandar. You know what’s coming, though… Of course, there’ll be additional obstacles to overcome on the way – including Evil Ash. And you’ll need the right tools to defeat him.

Top tip: Keep your head up, all is not lost when you think it is.

Evil Dead: The Game Mission rewards

These five (soon to be six) Missions all come with exclusive rewards upon completion. For a better look at the characters you can unlock with Missions, take a look at our separate guide to Evil Dead: The Game unlockables.

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