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Annke AC800: Smart 4K security camera with spotlight and siren

Annke has announced a new 4K smart security camera under its PoE (power over ethernet) series. The Annke AC800 brings an active deterrence system using a pair of 50 lumen spotlights and siren rated at 95dB on top of the AI capability.


  • Annke launches the AC800 security camera with deterrence alarm.
  • AC800 can produce spotlights and sound if it detects unwanted persons or vehicles.
  • The AC800 is priced at $200.

Like most AI cameras of the company, the AC800 features 4K video recording with up to 25 fps. In addition, the smart camera comes with an all-new security alarm feature of strobe and siren for deterring crime once detected. Annke says that its AI image recognition system can avoid unwanted alerts by detecting animals or insects that could trigger the alarm.

Sample footage of Annke AC800 4K camera, available in WDR/BLC/HLC image enhancements / © Annke

In terms of quality, the AC800 is equipped with an improved and larger CMOS sensor which is 1.4 times bigger than the one found in the previous C800 model. Moreover, the lens is wider and brighter, thanks to the f/1.6 aperture. This lens captures 25 percent more light as opposed to the f/2.0 lens of its predecessor.

The camera does not feature a WiFi module but relies on Ethernet instead and supports PoE. It can also connect to a DC power supply if an power over ethernet connection is not available. Along with the built-in speaker is a built-in microphone that filters and cancels ambience noise while picking up voices from up to 20 feet (6 meters) away.

Users can also control and access the AC800 camera through Amazon Alexa. Alternatively, unlimited remote access will be given through the Annke vision app with option for an email notification.

Pricing and availability

The Annke AC800 in bullet or turret form is available from the Annke global store and specifically to the UK and German stores with a price of $200 / £170 / €199.99. Fortunately, the camera is compatible with the current 4K NVRs of the company, so, you won’t need to buy a separate NVR if you happen to already have one.

If you have a security camera at home, which smart home assistant is it compatible with? Let us know your answers below.

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