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Apple iPhone 12 series: Should you buy it now? Check out the price drops

If you are looking to buy one of the Apple iPhone 12 models, you are at the right place. Here at NextPit we are keeping track of the pricing from all the popular devices in articles like this. When the device is discounted heavily, we recommend you to buy the device.

How does NextPit track device prices

We stay up to date, by regularly checking the pricing in major retailers like Amazon, manufacturer stores, BestBuy, and Google Shopping. When the price falls below MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), we note it down alongside the date. This allows us to create a graph for you to see when the device was discounted.

Every now and then, we update this article with the latest information. The main idea behind this is that in general if a device falls to a certain price level, it is likely it will be discounted for that price again in the future. We hope that with this information you will be able to decide whether a discount is actually good for you, or if you should wait for another major discount.

iPhone 12 price drops: Is it a good time to buy it?

For this article, we keep track of all the current iPhone 12 models. The smartphone line was released in 2020, bringing back some design cues from the popular iPhone 4 line, with straight metal edges.

As usual, iPhone prices rarely drop in the US, closely following Apple’s suggested retail price (MSRP). For the iPhone 12 line, the original MSRP dropped $100 for the iPhone 12 and 12 mini models after the launch of the iPhone 13 family.

Both the iPhone 12 and 12 mini models are currently priced at $699 and $599 respectively, with no signs of a deal or new models in the following months. Therefore, if you are looking into buying one of the models, there is little chance of falling prey to buyer’s remorse.

Regarding the Pro models, both the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max were discontinued after the release of the iPhone 13 line. If you are really interested in the old phones, they can still be found in “renewed” versions. Otherwise, we recommend you check the iPhone 13 Pro models, with better cameras and a better OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Apple iPhone 12 spec sheet

  Compact Editorial tip Discontinued models
Picture Apple iPhone 12 Mini Apple iPhone 12 Pro Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Display 5.4 inches AMOLED
1080 x 2340 pixels
60 Hz refresh rate
6.1 inches AMOLED
1170 x 2532 pixels
60 Hz refresh rate
6.7 inches AMOLED
1284 x 2778 pixels
60 Hz refresh rate
Processor Apple A14 Bionic
Memory 4 GB RAM
64 / 128 / 256 GB storage
128 / 256 / 512GB storage
Camera Main: 12 megapixels
Ultrawide: 12 megapixels
Main: 12 megapixels
Ultrawide: 12 megapixels
Telephoto: 12 megapixels
Selfie 12 megapixels
Battery 2227 mAh 2815 mAh 3687 mAh
Charging Wired: 22 watts
Qi wireless: 7.5 watts
MagSafe wireless: 12 watts
Wired: 22 watts
Qi wireless: 7.5 watts
MagSafe wireless: 15 watts
  • Compact size
  • A14 Bionic performance
  • Pleasing camera performance
  • The most customizable Apple software ever
  • Nice design language
  • Very bright display
  • Night mode for front and ultra-wide-angle cameras
  • Fast processor
  • Battery life is the compact compromise
  • Only 12W wireless charging
  • Entry-level 64GB model is not enough storage in 2020
  • No charging adapter included
  • High price
  • Average battery life
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