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Apple outs new Personal Safety User Guide amid AirTag stalking fears

Apple has published a new safety guide for Apple products amid the backdrop of fears (and instances) of AirTag item trackers being used to stalk and harass people, or steal their property.

The company says the guide is designed for those concerned with, or actually experiencing safety issues with the entire fleet of Apple devices. It is described as a “personal safety resource for anyone who is concerned about or experiencing technology-enabled abuse, stalking, or harassment.”

Apple says it’ll help users “sever digital ties with those you no longer want to be connected to and outlines the personal safety features that are built into Apple devices.”

The guide focuses on tools like the Find My tool which enables users to share (or stop sharing) their location, staying safe with AirTags and how to manage data security in iCloud and Family Sharing settings, and plenty more.

Users are encouraged to review their settings and take action, while the guide outlines the company’s safety and privacy tools and even offers a personal safety checklist to round things out.

Pertaining to AirTags directly, which have been criticised for potential personal safety and privacy issues since launch, Apple once again goes over the measures it has taken to ensure users cannot be tracked against their will. It examples what to do if users receive an “Item Detected Near You” notification, which could mean an AirTag has been planted on their person, and how to disable those trackers permanently.

“To discourage unwanted tracking, Find My notifies you if an unknown AirTag or other Find My accessory is seen moving with you over time by sending you the message, “Item Detected Near You.”, Apple writes.

“If you see this message on your device, an AirTag or other Find My accessory that has been separated from the person who registered it is traveling with you, and the owner might be able to see its location. It’s possible that the AirTag might be attached to an item you are borrowing.”

Apple has also recently updated its rules to ensure the sound made by the AirPod when it has been separated from its owner and improved tools for Android users.

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