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Apple Watch Series 8 may feature a dramatic design update

The Apple Watch Series 8 could see a major design change based on the latest claim. This corroborates with the old report that Apple has been developing a flat display for its future smartwatch. Already the Watch Series 7 was said to arrive with a new design. However, it was seemingly cancelled at the last minute.


  • Apple could announce the Watch Series 8 with a flat display.
  • The redesign was supposedly planned for Watch Series 7 but was cancelled.
  • Watch Series 8 may also boast body temperature sensor.

Now we’re seeing multiple sources talking about a redesigned Apple Watch Series 8. Jon Prosser just published a YouTube video showing renders of the alleged new Watch Series 8 design based on a render that the Twitter user ShrimpApplePro had shared a day earlier – showing an Apple Watch with a flat display.

This is what the Apple Watch Series 8 could look like with a flat display. / © Jon Prosser

Presumably, this is another step towards Apple’s goal of unifying the design of its whole hardware offering that started with the flatter iPhone 12. In addition, there is also speculation of Apple switching to USB-C port for the iPhone 15 and finally also all its accessories such as the AirPods.

At the moment, there is no solid evidence on how the Watch Series 8 will look like. But some established leakers shared CAD renders of the device with a flat display. The images were seeing are based on the Watch Series 7 and not on the actual upcoming successor, thus, we suggest that you should consider visual differences on the actual device.

Apple Watch Series 8 CAD Render
The Apple Watch Series 8 could adapt the design language we’re already seeing on the current iPhone models. / © Jon Prosser

Body temperature sensor on Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is also rumored to add a body temperature sensor on the upcoming Watch Series 8. The feature was already said to come on the Watch Series 7 but was allegedly later canned due to algorithms issue. The Cupertino company seems to have overcome the problem and will eventually introduce said feature on its next Watch iteration.

Apple Watch Series 8 CAD Render
Will Apple manage to fit satellite connectivity in the Apple Watch Series 8? / © Jon Prosser

The Watch Series 8 is also anticipated to come with satellite connectivity, just like it’s rumored to come to the iPhone 14. This could provide support to users in emergency situations where there is no cellular connectivity.

What functionalities are you looking forward to most in the next-gen Apple devices? Let us know in the comment section.

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