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Best electric shaver 2022: the best razors for a wet or dry shave

Every chin is different. Some require maintenance every third morning. Others need trimming at eight hour intervals to keep a Cast Away curtain at bay.

Luckily, the best stubble-busters can make light work of any facial hair. From bum fluff to bushy beards, the cordless shavers below are fit to finesse the fur on any face.

So whether you’re grooming your goatee, sculpting your mutton chops or opting for a classic clean shave, these electric razors make it easy to give yourself the Fleet Street treatment – minus the crimson nicks.

Buying tips

Heads up

Different beards need different blades. With straight edges hidden behind a mesh guard, foil shavers are perfect for close cuts on sensitive skin. Rotary razors use rotating heads to tackle stubborn stubble on tougher mugs.

Lather up

Electric shavers let you trim your chin away from the sink. Still like a soapy shave sometimes? ‘Wet or dry’ models are good for cream-free grooming, but also work with your favourite foam when your sweet cheeks deserve a treat.

Clean up

Waterproof razors are easy to rinse, but it takes more than a quick splash to shift any whiskers stuck inside. Some shavers work with optional docking stations that automatically clean, oil and dry while charging.

Lube up

Even the best blades eventually lose their edge. Luckily, most razors feature replaceable heads. Lubricating the elements can also lengthen their lifespan: use a suitable oil to reduce friction and keep metal parts moving smoothly.

Travel trimmers

The pocket pruner: Philips PQ206/18

Business beards can be tough to maintain, especially if your trade takes you travelling. Go from five o’clock shadow to boardroom groomed with this battery-powered buzzer. Designed for dry shaves on the fly, it’s small enough to fit in any Dopp kit, yet its floating rotary heads still serve up a close shave that follows the shape of your face.

The rugged razor: Wahl Lifeproof Shaver

Wet shaves are all well and good, but soapy paws can make it tricky to keep a grasp on your grooming tool. Wahl’s waterproof number helps your hands with a sculpted rubber housing. Good for 90 minutes on a single charge, its shockproof shell should survive the fall if it somehow slips from your grip. Plus the hi-vis colour scheme means it won’t be hard to find on the floor.

The capped cutter: Braun MobileShave M-90

Your mutton chops might be the envy of your biker buddies, but leave them untended and you’ll soon look more lamb than Lemmy. Stick this pocket-friendly implement in your panniers for easy pruning at every pit stop. Washable and protected by a twist cap, its wide flexing foil will keep your chin gap as smooth as a saddle, while the precision head can put a hard edge on your handlebars.

Foil fuzzbusters

The multigrain mower: Braun Series 9 Pro

Daily shaving is tough on skin, but leave your chin for the weekend and you could face stubble trouble come Monday. Luckily, Braun’s premium pruner isn’t stumped by lengthy bristles. ProLift tech deftly raises and snips the hair on your face, whether you’re dealing with overnight growth or week-old whiskers. Maintenance is automatic thanks to the SmartCare dock, while the compatible PowerCase keeps the battery boosted for up to six weeks away from the mains.

The turbo tool: Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV97

Even on the furriest of faces, fluff isn’t uniform. This responsive razor uses speedy sensors to detect the density of different patches and adjust power accordingly. Like traction control for your kisser, its high-performance motor can boost the blades to whizz through tricky whiskers, before laying off the throttle when it finds a softer spot.

The gleaming groomer: BaBylissPRO FoilFX02

Want a barbershop experience in your own bathroom? You could try your steady hand at a straight-edge razor. Or for a clean shave without the risk of a Sweeney Todd slip, try this cordless accomplice. Wrapped in a full metal jacket and equipped with double gold foils, it promises a cut close enough to impress the professionals on Fleet Street.

Rotary removers

The budget barber: Carmen Titan

A good grooming routine goes beyond taming your ‘tache twice a week. The swappable top on this multi-tool keeps more of your noggin neat and tidy. Sort fuzz with the floating titanium blades, before using the clipper attachment to define your sideburns. Snout out of control? Try the nasal trimmer.

The cheek checker: Philips Series 9000 S9987/55

You don’t need a management certificate to know that extra pressure rarely improves results. That’s why sensors in this smart shaver check if you’re pressing too hard and use light signals to indicate when you need to ease off. Like a performance review of your personal grooming, the Series 9000 also employs face-tracking tech to monitor your technique and offer feedback through the GroomTribe app.

The simple strimmer: Remington R4

Not sure whether to match your socks to your shirt? You need a style guide. Not sure how short to cut your stubble? You need a styler guard. This Remington rotary can’t help with your sartorial choices, but its clip-on limiter will give your scruffy growth a dapper three-day finish. Ready to make a statement? There’s also a pop-up trimmer for shaping your soul patch.

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