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Best Mouse pad with wrist rest 2022


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Carpio Ergonomic wrist rest

Best mouse pad with wrist rest: Things to consider

When it comes to picking the best mouse pad with a wrist rest there are a few key things that you need to think about. Most of these are the same things you’d be considering for any mouse pad, but it’s worth getting into regardless. The main areas of consideration are size, material, ergonomics, and aesthetics, once you’ve got these down, the process of buying a mouse pad with a wrist rest will become far easier.


This is the first and most important thing to think about as it will define the experience and practical limits of the mouse pad. Those of you keen on gaming will probably prefer a desk pad-sized one as it extended the usable area which is particularly useful if you play on low DPI as it can mean less resetting mid-game. If you’re less gaming-inclined a small mouse pad will be sufficient and allow more things to fit on your desk. If you’re finding it difficult to visualize sizes, we’ve made an infographic for you to help put all this in a little more context.

Desk Pad Size


This will define the feeling and speed of the mouse pad, it can also affect the longevity so it’s an important factor to be aware of. Broadly speaking, there are two main types of mouse pads: hard and soft. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of mouse pads you’re probably used to the soft type of mouse pad as this is the type typically included with pre-built PCs.

The main benefit of a soft mouse pad is the price as these are significantly less expensive to produce and ship. Additionally, they are more easily stored and come in a wider range of sizes than their hard counterparts. Hard mousepads are typically more robust and come in a wide variety of different materials, meaning you can more consistently match the mouse pad to your current setup.


This is where we steer away from traditional mouse pads and get more specialized. utilizing a wrist rest provides support for your wrist, which can help to alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and other related joint issues. In short, it stops your wrist from having to hover which reduces fatigue over long gaming or general computing sessions.

The wrist rest is usually made from high-density foam in order to keep its shape for continued use. The more premium mouse pads with wrist rest utilize memory foam as it can adapt more comprehensively to the user in question, some even feature gel-based wrist rests that help keep your wrist cool. These materials might cause you to pay a little more, luckily mouse pads don’t tend to be all that expensive overall so it must be too hard on your wallet.


This consideration is entirely subjective so it’s tricky to give advice here. you can get mouse pads with wrist rests that look like any other mouse pad, all the way up to premium offerings made of more exotic materials like glass or wood. Depending on your priorities, you might be paying a lot more to get a mouse pad to fit your visual preferences, to that end, we’ve made sure to include a few options that differ visually from the rest to give you an idea of the sheer variety that’s out there.


As mentioned earlier, mouse pads don’t typically cost that much, even when considering the premium options. You probably won’t end up spending more than ~$30 unless you opt for a bespoke mouse pad from the likes of Etsy or eBay. Luckily, decent mousepads can be found for as little as $10 if you shop around enough and we’re going to include some budget offerings here just in case.

The best mouse pads with wrist rest

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest Bundle

kensington gel pad