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Best thin bezel monitors in 2022 (Review)


Best hdmi 2.1 thin bezel monitor

Acer Nitro XV282K

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Best thin bezel monitor buying tips

Regardless of whether you’re buying a new HDMI 2.1 monitor or a high-performance 4K 144Hz monitor for a PS5, knowing what to look for when purchasing a new thin bezel monitor will save you time, effort, and some cash too.

For that reason, we’ll be going over some biggest buying tips below that’ll make purchasing your next thin bezel monitor that little bit easier.

How thin can a bezel go?

So, when we say thin bezel, what exactly does that mean?

It’s a good question and one that most individuals who aren’t bang up to date with the latest monitor technology probably won’t know. That said, when we reference thin bezels, we’re normally talking about monitors that showcase around 6-8mm bezels – with no plastic border.

A proper bezel is what you’ll find on an older CRT monitor. Do you remember? Those chunky old CRTs would come with a wide plastic bezel that would frame your screen nicely. The latest monitors and TVs don’t feature anything nearly as big, with most ranging between 6-25mm – with some featuring thinner plastic borders.

Unfortunately, we aren’t quite at the stage yet where bezel-less monitors are a thing. Monitor manufacturers can make bezels incredibly small and remove the plastic almost entirely. However, a thin black bezel within the screen itself will still remain.

All being said, there are some incredibly attractive monitors in today’s market that feature slim bezels, so don’t be put off by this fact.

Will a thin bezel increase the cost of a monitor?

The price of a monitor is made up by a variety of factors, most of which revolve around gaming performance, color accuracy, and picture quality. Looks, of course, are also included in that list, with thin bezels being one of the more expensive premiums.

You see, to equip a monitor with truly thin bezels is actually quite a technical feature, with many brands prioritizing their efforts elsewhere. Luckily, some brands do prioritize super-thin bezels – however, these monitors will likely push the price of the monitor up quite a bit.

Do thin bezels affect performance?

Strictly speaking, there is no reason to suggest that thin bezels affect performance at all. There are a bunch of thin bezel monitors in today’s market, most of which vary in terms of performance and price.

Thin bezel monitors can be tailored toward gaming, workstation processes, entertainment consumption, or just everyday viewing.

Do bigger monitors have bigger bezels?

In most cases, there does seem to be a correlation between monitor size and bezel size – especially when comparing smaller 25-inch monitors to larger ultrawide offerings.

That being said, the difference is often only minimal, with bezels differing by millimeters only.

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