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Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals

Looking for an unparalleled gaming experience? Here are the best Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals

Updated: Sep 24, 2022 4:14 pm

Mini-LED monitors offer some of the best image quality you can get, so searching for Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals is a wise move.

Mini-LED monitors utilize far more efficient backlighting technology than traditional gaming monitors.

This allows for more defined dark areas of the screen, which leads to a far superior contrast ratio, without sacrificing peak brightness like OLED gaming monitors.

The best Mini-LED monitors use LED backlights that are around 0.2mm wide, and at the sizes, monitors have grown to these days, you can see why this quickly snowballs to create vividly realistic images.

So, in search of top-tier image quality, let’s have a look at the best Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals we can find, so you can get your hands on some unreal gaming and content consumption experiences.

Best mini-LED monitor deals right now

Luckily, there are more mini-LED monitors around than ever, so you can always find some discounts here and there.

Where to find the best Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals in 2022

The ever-growing popularity of mini-LED monitors and the ever-falling prices of the technology means that they can be found all over the place these days.

This means that there are going to be a lot of retailers giving us Black Friday mini-LED deals this year. Here’s a list of our favorite retailers for Black Friday bargains.

Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals shortlist

Last year’s mini-LED monitor deals

*Prices are subject to change

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LG – UltraGear 38″ IPS LED UltraWide HD G-SYNC Monitor

hot deal

Save $200

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LG Ultragear 32GP850-B 32-inch 1440p 165Hz IPS Gaming Monitor

hot deal

30% off

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MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR 34″ UWQHD VA FreeSync Premium 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

hot deal

£300 off

Custom URL


Samsung Odyssey G9 49″ Dual-QHD VA G-SYNC/FreeSync Premium Pro 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

hot deal

£296 off

Custom URL


Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49″ QHD HDR FreeSync 2 120Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

hot deal

£219 off

When will the Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals start in 2022?

They’ve already started in certain places, any of the links to retailers from this page will probably lead you to some decent deals.

However, don’t jump the gun, as many of these deals might get even better as the Black Friday date approaches.

Additionally, we’ll see brand-new deals begin to emerge as we get closer and closer to Black Friday, so keep your eye out.

How to get the best Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals in 2022?

Simply keep an eye on your preferred tech retailers. If you want to save time, use our links as they take you straight to recommended products and categories, so you can see at a glance if what you’re after has dropped to a price you like.

Why buy a mini-LED monitor this Black Friday?

Mini-LED monitors are a great middle ground between regular backlit monitors and OLED panels. OLED offers the best contrast ratio as each pixel is self-illuminating, however, this means that they are limited in how bright they can get.

Traditionally, this has been solved by lighting the pixel from the back, which works well but as the backlights can only get so granular you don’t get a good contrast ratio.

mini-LED uses tiny ~0.2mm backlights, meaning that each one is almost as small as a pixel, so you get almost as good contrast, but far greater brightness, which makes it a ‘best of both worlds kind of thing.

Black Friday mini-LED monitor deals FAQs

Is mini-LED technology expensive?

It’s certainly not the cheapest, but like every great innovation in tech, the price inevitably falls as it becomes easier to do.

Will mini-LED monitors get discounted this Black Friday?

Yes. We know this because mini-LED monitors regularly get price cuts anyway, meaning that they’ll inevitably get discounted further come Black Friday.

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