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Can shiny Pikipek be caught in Pokémon GO?

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Pikipek is a fairly new Pokémon to the GO collection, having been added as part of the Season of Alola in March 2022. However, we know shiny Rockruff was released at the same time as its non-shiny counterpart, so can the same be said about shiny Pikipek?

Can Pikipek be shiny in Pokémon GO?

The little Woodpecker Pokémon is part of the Alolan region of Pokémon, or Generation VII, and made its Pokémon GO debut on March 1, 2022, during the Welcome to Alola event. However, unlike Rockruff and Yungoos, its shiny variant was not released at the same time, and is still unavailable in Pokémon GO at the time of writing.

With Pikipek being one of the most recent Pokémon to be added to the mobile game, it is likely we’ll have to wait some time before we can encounter it in its shiny form.

Are shiny Trumbeak and Toucannon in Pokémon GO?

Trumbeak and Toucannon are the evolutionary form of Pikipek, and also cannot yet be encountered in their shiny forms in Pokémon GO. While it has happened, for example with Gengar, it is unusual for a shiny evolution to be added to the game data before its pre-evolutionary form. We’ll probably have to wait until shiny Pikipek is released before we can get shiny Trumbeak and Toucannon.

How to evolve Pikipek in Pokémon GO

Evolving Pikipek in Pokémon GO is a very simple process. No additional items are required, you simply just need enough Pikipek Candies. To evolve a Pikpek to Trumbeak, you’ll require 25 Candies, and you’ll need a further 100 to evolve again into Toucannon. Therefore, for a full evolution, you’ll need 125 Pikipek Candies, but you’ll need at least 150 if you want the full Pikipek family of Pokémon.

Pikipek Spotlight Hour — May 2022

A Pikipek Spotlight Hour will be taking place in Pokémon GO on May 31, 2022, giving you the perfect chance to gather those Pikipek Candies you need for evolution or powering up. While the shiny variant of the Woodpecker Pokémon is unavailable, it will still be worthwhile taking part in the Spotlight Hour to collect Candies, try and obtain a strong Toucannon, and take advantage of the additional event bonus – double catch XP.

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