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Denon’s new wireless subwoofer promises to add deep bass to your home entertainment

The Denon Home Subwoofer is Denon’s latest wireless subwoofer in the Home range. The new subwoofer is a high-performance wireless speaker that aims to add clear bass to any other Denon Home wireless speaker.

The Denon Home Subwoofer is an 8-inch woofer that should deliver clear and punchy bass. It’s been designed to make the speaker experience as convenient as possible, with an emphasis on wireless connectivity.

Denon has got rid of the cable faff that usually comes from setting up new speakers for your home entertainment. Instead, you just plug the subwoofer into the wall, connect to it via Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go.

The subwoofer follows the same design as other Denon Home speakers and sound bars. The Home Subwoofer comes with a grey cloth finish on the outside, and a black body. While the woofer inside 8-inches, the speaker is about 14.5-inches tall, and 13-inches wide. The little box is also quite hefty at 12.5kg, though once it’s placed in a room, this doesn’t matter so much. You’ll find four little feet on the bottom of the subwoofer to raise it off the ground.

The Home Subwoofer comes with the company’s home entertainment operating system (HEOS) built-in, which allows for easy pairing with other Denon speakers. When connected to the other speakers, the Home Subwoofer is optimised for 5.1 surround sound.

Through Denon’s HEOS app, you can control the device. While you’ll primarily use it to set up the Home Subwoofer or stream to it, the app also includes some speaker settings. These settings include options for output level, low-pass filter, and phase, so you can tune the subwoofer to your preferences.

Through the Denon Home Subwoofer, you can easily play Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Deezer, TIDAL and more through the HEOS app. Of course, you can also play files stored on your phone via Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, or Bluetooth. The Home Subwoofer supports 192kHz/24-bit and DSD 2.8/5.6MHz streaming, for higher quality files.

If you’re more of an analogue person, you’ve not been forgotten! There are subwoofer level buttons on the back of the Denon Home Subwoofer, as well as USB and Ethernet ports.

It’s worth noting that the Home Subwoofer is solely designed to pair with Denon speakers already in your home. You won’t be able to connect the subwoofer to your telly without a Denon soundbar or speaker system.

The Home Subwoofer is currently available for purchase from Denon for £449. It’s a fairly reasonable price as far as subwoofers go, especially considering all of the connectivity options.

Stuff says: Denon’s Home Subwoofer is a perfect choice if you’re already plugged into Denon’s ecosystem. It plays nicely with other products in the Home range, and you’re almost guaranteed to get high-quality bass from it thanks to Denon’s stellar reputation. But, if you’ve not got any Denon speakers, you should probably give this one a swerve; there are plenty of alternatives that will work with your other speakers.

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