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Diablo Immortal Crusader Builds: Support and DPS builds

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Diablo Immortal’s Crusader class is straight from the playbook of Diablo 3, with its party buffing, shield slamming and warrior charging goodness. But, in Diablo Immortal, the class has a new twist. The Crusader has become one of the fastest and CC heavy classes in the game while retaining its party utility and damage mitigation. So, there are many different builds you can go to. Here we give you two builds for Diablo Immortal’s Crusader.

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Diablo Immortal Crusader build #1: The Mounted Knight

The Crusader make for an efficient solo DPS and leveller if that’s your aim. Image via Blizzard.

The Mounted Knight is the Crusader Build you want to use if you fancy yourself doing damage, likely because you’re running solo. The result is that you can become a very fast class while also doing tons of multi-target damage and CC your enemies to death.

The core of your skills are:

  • Drawn and Quarter – mount up, drag enemies and deal damage while mounted.
  • Consecration – drop a holy area that deals damage over 8 seconds.
  • Falling Sword – combo strike that deals AOE damage and causes you to jump to the target.

Then your fourth skill is somewhat flexible. You can use counterstrike Storm to enhance your primary attack for added single target primary fires, presuming you are using Punish as your primary fire. The skill also increases your block, which is nice, and grants damage mitigation shields on your life. 

The Spinning Shield skill has some great legendary options that add to both your single target and AOE damage, and Counterattack does not have legendary benefits.

Alternatively, you can go something like Spinning Shield, which deals decent single target damage and can be used as an engage tool for AOE packs. Although, that sin;t too necessary since your Drawn and Quarter and Falling Sword is enough gap closing and CC chaining.


Head Many Eyes Aegis Consecration now moves with you.
Awakened – Increases Consecration damage by 10%
Chest Springback Chain or Besieger Springback Chain – Buffs Spinning Shield damage and cooldown.
Besieger – Adds a bombardment to your Drawn and Quarter damage and increases damage by 10% when awakened. 
Shoulder Sivket’s Advantage Draw and Quarter Duration increased by 30%.
Awakened – Decrease cooldown by 10%
Legs Any Drawn and Quarter legendary, but they are the least priority. You lose your drag effect on the skill, which makes the dragless skill pair with Zeynula’s off-hand legendary.
Main Hand Little Lance Falling Sword allows you to charge forward three times with its awakening increasing the damage.
Off-hand Pavise of Ten Wings or Zaynula’s Last Hymn Pavise makes the Spinning Shield orbit your position instead of castable. 
Zaynula’s adds a slowing effect to Consecration and its awakening decreases its cooldown.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Build #2 The Party build

Diablo Immortal Crusader Support Build
You will be using banners and other skills for party utility. Image via Blizzard.

The Crusader is by the far the best class in group play. The reason why is because of the incredible damage reduction and the critical strike buffs you can give to your party. It means there are two major party buffs you need to absolutely take:

  • Conjuration of Light – Call down a beam of holy light protecting yourself and nearby allies with damage immunity for three seconds.
  • Holy Banner – Place a Holy Banner for ten seconds, increasing critical strike chance by 100%, but decreasing crit damage to 135% instead of 200%.
  • Drawn and Quarter
  • Spinning shield or Falling Sword.

After that, you have two spare skills. You can add some extra damage in there, with the like of Falling Sword and Consecration. Alternatively, you add in more AOE skills that CC your foes, such as Judgement or Drawn and Quarter. Perhaps you can even use Spinning Shield for more single target damage if you are entering raids and extra engage CC tools.

However, most legendaries for the Crusaders benefit from the Spinning Shield and Draw and Quarter skills. So, you will largely use those two skills by the end game rather than the other options. 

Legendaries for the support build

The legendaries for the support build do not entirely differ too much from the DPS builds. The reason why is because most support skill legendaries somewhat screw the buffs you get from the skills, while offering different utility. Therefore, they are niche and not necessarily needed. So, in most instances, go with a legendary for something like Draw and Quarter or Failing Sword.

Helm Arrow Keeper Inspiration from Holy Banner now moves with you.
Awakening – reduces cooldown by 10%
Chest We recommend taking a DPS legendary, like the ones recommended in the DPS solo build. The Conjuration of light legendary here removes your damage immunity, which is not that ideal for party play.
Shoulder Wind-Blessed Pauldrons or Sivket’s Advantage Wind-Blessed increases the duration of Conjuration of Light and reduces its 10% when awakened.
Socket’s Advantage increases Draw and Quarter duration by 30% and lowers cooldown by 10% when awakened
Legs Bladed Jambeau Turns your horse into a fierry steed that deals burning damage and leaves paths of fire, but removes the drag effect from the skill.
Off-hand Pavise of Ten Wings Spiral Shield orbits your character.

There are no decent options for main hand legendaries for this build. We recommend avoiding this slot the best as possible, but chances are the Falling Sword legendaries are better for you if you do find yourself using that skill.

Diablo Immortal Crusader levelling build

Regardless of which build you go, the levelling build for a Crusader largely stays the same.

  • Sweep Attack – Level 1
  • Spinning Shield – Level 1
  • Shield Glare – Level 3
  • Falling Sword – Level 8

This will round out your first four skills. At level 15, you will replace Shield Glare with Drawn and Quarter, which is one of your core DPS skills for both builds.

At level 20, you unlock Concercration, which will you replace Sweeping Strikes. Consecration deals significantly more damage for AOE and doesn’t need a charge up, along with having a better area to deal damage to enemies.

These will be your core skills moving forward while levelling. If you are in a party, or plan to do dungeons while levelling, you can then replace Falling Sword with Holy Banner at level 38, but only while in party dungeon content.

At level 50, you get Conjuration of Light. This is the damage immunity skill, which again, you may use while playing in party content, dropping Consecration instead.

Once your max level, return to either of the core skills for the build you want to use.

This concludes the basics of the Diablo Immortal Cursdaer builds. For more guide content on Diablo Immortal, feel free to check out our Diablo hub for more guides?

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