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Ecovacs Deebot T10 series: Robot vacuums with advanced AI navigation

Ecovacs is upgrading its premium robot vacuum lineup with the addition of Deebot T10, T10 Plus, and T10 Turbo. The trio brings an upgraded AI navigation and mapping system along with a self-emptying docks for the latter two models.


  • Ecovacs launches Deebot T10 series robot vacuums
  • Deebot T10 Plus, T10 Turbo come with self-emptying docks
  • The Deebot T10 Plus is discounted for $750

Dubbed as AIVI 3.0, the custom AI-based obstacle function on the Deebot T10 series enables faster object recognition. The new avoidance system is 16 times more accurate when detecting home objects and furniture according to Ecovacs.

Additionally, one of the cameras can be utilized for home monitoring when you’re away, which is similar to the recently launched Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. For privacy concerns, the robot vacuum cleaner will notify you when the front-facing camera is turned on. There is also a smart home integration to the vacuums. Both Alexa and Google Assistant work with the entire Deebot T10 series.

In terms of cleaning, all models boast 3,000 Pa suction power and an oscillating mopping system. Once a carpet is detected, the Deebot T10 will automatically pause the mopping. The vacuums get up to 195 minutes of running time on a single charge.

This picture shows the Deebot T10 Turbo and the self-cleaning dock. / © Ecovacs

Difference of Deebot T10 vs T10 Plus vs T10 Turbo

The difference with these models start on the Deebot T10 Plus with an auto-empty dock that can hold dirt for up to 60 days. You’ll only get a charging dock for the vanilla Deebot T10.

If you’re opting for a fully-automated robot vacuum, the Deebot T10 Turbo even offers a self-cleaning dock like on the Xiaomi Mijia All-in-One vacuum. Its dock washes and dries the dual-mopper of the vacuum. The four-liter tank is rated to clean up to 400 sq. meters (4300 sq. feet).

Pricing and availability of Deebot T10 series

The Deebot T10 Plus is currently listed on the officiall Ecovacs homepage in the US for $750 – which is $200 off from the recommended retail price of $950. The more capable Deebot T10 Turbo will be available in July for $1,099.

Is a self-empty dock important for robot vacuums? Hit us up in the comment section.

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