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Elden Ring Caelid Dungeon locations

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Caelid is the region of Elden Ring that looks like fantasy mars. The red, dusty region is chocked-full of enemies that spew noxious fumes at you, and if you’re unprepared you’re probably going to cast the business end of an infection, or worse, a dragon. Despite this, it could be worth your time to plumb the rust-colored depths of Caelid for the many dungeons hidden within. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Caelid Dungeon Locations to make your time exploring the place as simple and painless as possible.

Caelid Dungeon locations

Caelid Dungeon Locations Map

The dungeons in Caelid are spread pretty evenly out, except for the southeast which is completely blank of almost anything for storyline reasons. Having said that, there is a single dungeon in this area that will require you to have defeated one of the game’s more interesting boss fights before you can explore it. Still, there’s plenty to find here and it could be worth your time to do so since the rewards are pretty decent.

Minor Erdtree Catacombs

The Minor Erdtree Catacombs are another catacombs dungeon, this time filled with more imps and Scarlet Rot juice than you can shake a stick at. At least there are plenty of Graveworts and a decent Ash Summon reward for your trouble.

Gael Tunnel

As with many of the tunnels in Elden Ring, this is a great location if you’re hunting for upgrade materials. It also has a boss who drops a Dragon Heart for anyone who needs OP spells at their disposal, as well as a very cool weapon that has a unique weapon skill attached to it. Definitely worth the visit if you think you can survive the miners and soldiers inside, but bear in mind that you’ll need to fight your way through the dungeon to get out again.

Gaol Cave

This cave is sealed off by two Swordstone Keys, but if you’re an arcane build then it might be worth spending the keys here. The boss of this dungeon is a tough nut to crack, but you’ll end up with access to a very powerful weapon if you stick out the fight. Of course, you could also cheese-it and take a weird jump up the back entrance to get it instead, but where’s the fun in that?

Caelid Catacombs

Another tricky take on the catacombs formula that we all know and love. As well as having some of the strangest hidden walls in the entire game inside, it’s also filled with Scarlet Rot and horrible flowers. I mean, what did you expect from a dungeon with Caelid actually in the title? On the plus side, more Ash Summons for your efforts and they’re pretty unique.

Abandoned Cave

This one is a bit tough to reach, and a bit hard to survive through, but it has some decent rewards waiting for anyone brave enough to grab it. The boss here is another one that deals Scarlet Rot buildup, so you’re going to need to make sure you’re prepared for it before heading inside.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Another crystal tunnel stocked with upgrade material, it’s also stocked with those annoying bug enemies who like to throw rocks at you. You can also end up stuck here if you open the wrong chest somewhere else in the world. The boss of this area is a complete beast (literally), but it might be worth trying to take him down as it’ll give you another Bell Bearing for the twin-maiden husk.

Sellia Hideaway

Probably one of the only dungeons in Elden Ring to be hidden behind a hidden wall before it even starts out. If you’re struggling to find it, look for the big tombstone with a spell-caster in front of it, then run behind it and smack the wall of the cliff to find the place. Inside is a complete nightmare of a boss to defeat, but you’ll get some powerful magic in return.

Dragonbarrow Cave

Out of all the Caelid dungeon locations, Dragonbarrow Cave is probably the toughest, if only because it of the giant bear that makes exploring the cave pretty tough. The boss is also not to be trifled with, as it transports an end-game level boss into Caelid and then tries to make you fight it. The rewards are pretty up there, but in many ways, they’re not so good that you should go out of your way to get them unless you’re confident in your skills.

War-Dead Catacombs

This is the dungeon that requires you to have fought a specific boss before you can take it on. Lots of Gravewort for anyone who needs it, but you’ll have to contend with a frankly ridiculous number of ghosts who keep infinitely respawning to fight each other. While this makes it a great place to come for rune-farming, it’s a toughie for anyone who likes to slowly and methodically clear out areas as they go. The boss will reward you with a dragon heart at least.

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