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Elden Ring: Castle Morne Walkthrough Guide

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The Weeping Penninsula is one of the most intriguing areas early in Elden Ring. By heading south from Limgrave, players can stumble upon this area and its many secrets. Castle Morne is a dungeon that dominates the landscape of the Weeping Penninsula. And we’re here to walk you through every inch of this sprawling, overrun keep.

Elden Ring: How to find Castle Morne

Before heading down to the Weeping Penninsula, ride to the southern tip of Limgrave. After crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, you will meet a young girl named Irina sitting by a small cobbled wall. Irina will ask you to deliver a letter to her father, fighting back the beastmen at Castle Morne

Riding into the peninsula, keep heading south and past a stone wall, now reduced to rubble. A gargantuan stone sentinel will be guarding the gates of Castle Morne a little further ahead. Slay – or ride past – the sentinel and activate the Site of Grace inside

Once you are ready, step into the waiting elevator and ride it up into the castle proper.

Arriving in the courtyard, you will be met by piles of ash and scattered, burning remains. The Beastmen inside are praising a pyre atop a large smoldering pile. Ignore them for now, head left from atop the lift and up some stairs to find a Smithing Stone.

Moving back into the courtyard, there are a large number of harpie creatures- the Misbegotten – Beastmen and starving hounds dotted around. Thankfully, the enemies here are preoccupied. You are free to take out a few at a time in small groups, this will not instantly aggro the rest.

Run up past the pyre and rubble into the castle. Run forward down a set of stairs and you will be outside once more. Climb the ladder up onto the ramparts to find soldiers clashing with Misbegotten. Once all are defeated, you can claim a Steel-wire Torch past a set of gallows. Once you are finished here, return to the courtyard the way you came.

At the far end of the courtyard is a Pumpkin Head enemy. Its slow and heavy attacks can be dealt with without too much trouble. Find a ladder past the Pumpkin head once it is defeated and head up onto the higher levels.

Castle Morne: Atop the walls resizeimage98

Head across the bridge in front of you. Misbegotten on the other side will shoot arrows at you from their aerial position. Jump and attack them, or use projectiles as your own projectiles in return.

After this first group of ranged Misbegotten, head down a ladder to the left and past another group of foes. Up a flight of stairs is a living human NPC – a rarity in Elden Ring – Edgar, Warden of the Castle. He gives you a Sacrificial Twig upon meeting. Speak to Edgar and give him Irina’s letter. Unfortunately, his clinging to duty will lead to him refusing to return to Irina until you have found the sword of the castle.

After meeting Edgar, head back to the bridge with the ranged Misbegotten. Continue forwards and drop down to find a Site of Grace.

Move forward and leap across to an iron railing grate. Drop down inside. There will be a corpse with a Pickled Turtle Neck item. An ooze will drop down from above and attempt to smother you. Defeat it and talk to the spirit in a cage, who doesn’t seem to realize that they are dead. resizeimage99

Castle Morne: The long way down

Head outside and get the jump on a Misbegotten facing away from you, then dispatch the others clustered around. Head right and across the castle walls, dealing with oozes and Misbegotten along the way.

Defeat a large Misbegotten wielding a massive axe and climb a long ladder to reach a turret. Walk around it to find a chest containing the Twinblade Talisman, which enhances the final hit of chain attacks. resizeimage100

Turn around and move off the edge to the right, you will land stop a tower without taking damage. Drop down again from here and kill the golden scarab to refill your vials. A body here has Tarnished Golden Sunflower x3.

Keep dropping down consecutive stone ledges to reach an opening down onto a crossbeam. Walk across to receive Smithing Stone(2). Drop down again to the floor and deal with the Misbegotten warrior and crowd of rats. On a body here is a Whip. Walk outside and find another Site of Grace.

Walk across a wooden bridge and dispatch another large Misbegotten and its ranged ally. A body here has Throwing Daggers.

Head down the ladder and onto a shoreline, with floating jellyfish and a fog gate. Cross the fog for a boss fight with the Leonine Misbegotten. You can find our guide for how to defeat beat this beastie right here.

As a reward for defeating the boss, you will receive the Grafted Blade Greatsword, a colossal weapon with a high strength requirement of 40. This is the Blade of the Castle that the warden requires. Once finished in the castle, you can return to Irina and see how the rest of her storyline plays out.

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