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Elden Ring: Frenzied Duellist boss guide

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In Elden Ring, few bosses are as simple yet as thrilling as the fight with the Frenzied Duellist. All pretences and gimmicks are stripped bare here, as you are left to scramble for your life in a stone cave, facing down a berserk gladiator. We’ll walk you through how to defeat this frenzied foe right here in our Elden Ring boss guide!

Elden Ring: How to find the Frenzied Duellist

The Frenzied Duellist is one of the most well-hidden bosses in Elden Ring. You can find this powerful foe within the Gaol Cave optional dungeon in Caelid. We’ll have a full guide for how to navigate the dungeon and find the duellist up soon here at WePC.

How to defeat the Frenzied Duellist

The Frenzied Duellist is an imposing, gladiator-like figure that fights ferociously. It wields a greataxe with a ball and chain attached and makes full use of this seemingly rudimentary weaponry.

The first important thing to note is that the Frenzied Duellist is very fast and mobile, with any of its attacks dealing a huge chunk of damage if they connect.

The Duellist will often rush to close with you, unafraid of taking a few hits while getting close to pummel you. If you are feeling brave, it may be better to take advantage of this. Better to fight fire with fire and try to defeat them as quickly as possible. Any protracted battle will likely turn in their favor.

A spirit summon that can soak up a lot of damage and deal it back at close range – like the Ancestral Follower – is very useful here. Any moment the heat is off you is a moment to get some quick hits in. resizeimage102

Elden Ring: Frenzied Duellist Boss mechanics

  • The Duellist has a number of moves that it  can perform with its axe. Firstly, it places the axe on the ground and then savagely swings it upwards.
  • It will often try to get up close and then take a fairly slow horizontal swing at you.
  • If the Duellist is running up with it weapon on ground behind, will it will spin around and then into you, letting momentum carry the swing. It runs very quickly in this state, so dodging away is a must.
  • Overall, the Frenzied Duellist is very hard to stagger. It can take hits and keep coming.
  • The Duellist will stomp the ground quickly to disrupt your attacks and leave you open to a follow-up swing.
  • Despite initial appearances, the Frenzied Duellist is deadly at all ranges, not just up close. It can swing the ball and chain around like a flail at mid-range. And itill use the chain to hurl the axe around in a large arc at long range.
  • The Duellist will yells and power itself up towards the latter half of its health bar, dealing even more damage.
  • On rare occasions, if you are too close for too long, the Duellist can grab you by the head, lifting you up and hurling across the arena. resizeimage103

Once the boss is defeated, you will receive Putrid Corpse Spirits as a reward. And that’s not all…

Walk out of the boss arena through the newly opened fog wall, and you will find yourself on a cliff in Limgrave. There you will find the Regalia of Eochaid, a very potent arcane blade.

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