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Elden Ring Lakeside Crystal Cave guide

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Another day, another dungeon to explore in Elden Ring. In particular, the Lakeside Crystal Cave is an important dungeon for anyone who is hoping to finish a specific in-game questline, and isn’t necessarily the easiest to find based on the instructions given to you. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together this guide that makes finding and clearing the cave a total breeze.

How to find Lakeside Crystal Cave

Lakeside Crystal Cave Map

Luckily, finding this one should be pretty simple. From the Liurnia Lake Shore point of grace start following the cliff to the northwest. Just make sure you hug the wall and keep moving, but look out for a pretty obvious hole as you go. After a little while, you should come across the cave that goes deep into the side of the rockface. Activate the site of grace, and while you’re at it, grab yourself the Arteria Leaf from the chest as well. Bear in mind, you have to come to this cave as part of the questline set up in the Village of the Albinaurics, so if you haven’t been there and done it yet, now might be worth visiting our guide on the questline.

Lakeside Crystal Cave walkthrough

Lakeside Crystal Cave Hidden Bush

Turn on your lantern and then head forward but don’t attack the demi-human ahead of you. There’s another one hiding in the bush on the left, and if it attacks you then you’re probably going to fall off that cliff to the right to your death. Attack the bush and then clear out the other one, but don’t walk too far down this path. Instead, go up the other pathway, and take out the demi-human at the top of the pathway. With that done, jump up the rocks to the left of the cave if you’re facing away from the entrance.

At the top of this slope, there are three demi-humans lying in wait for you. Take all three out and you can finally return to the main path. The reason we took that brief detour was that if you just go straight down the pathway, a large demi-human will attack, alternating every other demi-human in this part of the cave at once. While they’re not too dangerous on their own, together they can become a genuine threat no matter what level you are. Once you’ve dealt with these enemies head into the tunnel that the big demi-human came from.

Another detour

Lakeside Crystal Cave Ranged Attacks

Technically this is another detour, but it’s worth it. Head into the next cave area, but don’t enter the big waterfall area just yet. In the distance, you will see one of the huge demi-human monsters pacing around. It looks strong but you can take it out relatively easily if you attack it from a distance because it has way less health than most of them seem to. It’s wise to take it out from a distance, or at least aggro it out of the waterfall cave because there are two more demi-humans waiting to ambush you inside and they’re a huge nuisance when there’s a high-damage enemy to deal with.

Once you’ve dealt with the big one, enter the waterfall cave and take out both of the little ones. The only major loot here is in the chest ahead and it’s the spear talisman which is only useful if you’re into thrust weapons, but for completion’s sake, it’s nice to have it. Now you’re pretty much done here, so return to the main room that you just came from.

Back on track

Lakeside Crystal Cave Drop Down

Back in the main cave, look off the lowest part of the ledge. You should see some pretty obvious stepping stones that’ll let you carefully climb down the rockface to the lower part of this chamber. When you start to see giant crystals just below you, make sure you head over to the eastmost point of the ledge before you drop down. Here there should be another cave marked out by a burning torch. Enter the next cave and immediately hit lock-on to find the closest of three Crystal Snails. These things aren’t super dangerous as long as you’ve got decent magic defense, but if you’re concerned, just take them out from a distance.

While it looks like there should be a bunch of secret doors in this room, there aren’t any. Just head to the northern passage to continue further into the cave. As you approach the end of the tunnel, you can see a bunch more crystal snails around the corner. If you’ve got a decent slashing weapon you can just run in and take them all out because they’re currently in their shells, and it takes them a hot minute to get out. If you don’t have a decent slashing weapon, just shoot them with a bow or magic until they stop moving. Once you’re done move on to the next area to find yourself back in the main crystal cave.

Crystal Kingdom

Lakeside Crystal Cave More HIdden Enemies

Now you’re back with the big crystals, but a bit lower down. From here, you should be safe to jump down onto the ledge below. Once you’re down, but not in the main chamber yet, you can lock onto three enemies hiding in the dark. Again, ranged attacks make them trivial, so you should probably have some means of ranged attack with you. Once they’re dead, jump down and grab your prize from the corpses waiting below. If you didn’t finish the enemies from a distance, they’ll jump down as you approach the next cave and attack you. Kill them with a melee weapon if you prefer, then get ready for the boss fight of the dungeon.

Lakeside Crystal Cave – Bloodhound Knight boss guide

Lakeside Crystal Cave Boss Fight

Okay, this enemy isn’t particularly difficult to take out, but if you’re under-leveled here you might struggle. He doesn’t have super high health or defense, but he hits hard, and his weapon has a slight bleed effect. Your best bet is to immediately summon something and then keep dodging until your summon can draw aggro for you. While the boss is distracted, charge up your strongest attack, whether it’s magic, melee, or ranged, and smash him with it. Depending on how powerful your attack is, it’ll only take you a few hits to take this guy out, but make sure you use your best summon, or at least one you can summon multiple times.

If you’re refusing to summon anything to pull aggro then you’re going to need to rely on your dodging skills. Most of the enemy’s attacks are being sweeping strikes, so try to dodge away from him and wait for an opening. Every so often, he’ll pause to screech at you which gives you the opening you need to do some damage. Bear in mind that he has low health, so even if it’s taking a while for you to get an opening, the fight shouldn’t last all that long.


Lakeside Crystal Cave Reward

Once the enemy is dead, you can head back outside again to find yourself near a site of grace, and an NPC that is related to the aforementioned questline.

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