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Elden Ring Road’s End Catacombs Guide

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As with many dungeons in Elden Ring, Road’s End Catacombs is filled with monsters, traps, and of course a big tricky boss fight right at the end. While it’s not the most challenging dungeon in the game, it certainly isn’t going to go down easily. If you want to give yourself a fighting chance, check out this dungeon guide that we crafted just for you.

How to Find Road’s End Catacombs

Worlds End Catacombs Map 1

Luckily, it’s not too tricky to find the Road’s End Catacombs, assuming that you’re already in Liurnia of the Lakes. From the bottom point of the lake, follow it northwest hugging the way until you get past the poisoned section beneath the cliff. Keep going until you get past the Minor Erdtree and take a left. You should see two Spirit Jellyfish near a passage. Go behind them and follow the passage down and you should easily come across the dungeon door waiting for you.

Road’s End Catacombs walkthrough

Worlds End Catacombs Start

Now here comes the fun part, the actual dungeon. Head down the stairs and be on your guard as you’re going to be attacked by an imp as you go around the corner. Take it out and then proceed into the next room and dodge the imp that ambushes you on your right. You can already see the boss lever, so congratulations on that one. Drop down to the level below and attack the wall closest to the stairs and it should disappear to reveal another imp who you should immediately dispatch. Collect the loot in the room and head under the lever to find another passage.

Head down the stairs and pick up the root resin at the bottom, then attack the wall behind it once more for another secret wall. Finally, head around the corner and attack the wall that blocks your way to reveal the boss door. If you want, you can go straight to the boss, for which we have a very special boss guide just for you. If not, keep reading and you can grab everything else the dungeon has to offer.

Clearing Loot

Worlds End Catacombs Obvious Imp

Head back to the room with the lever, and down another set of stairs to find another imp trying to impale you. Kill him off, then once again attack the wall nearest to the stairs, directly opposite the other door out of the room. This will reveal it to be another fake wall, with two imps waiting to ambush you again. Take them out, but be careful not to open yourself up to a backstab. Loot the room, then spin 180 and head through the door opposite the bottom of the steps. Don’t go too far forward or you’ll both be attacked by another imp, and step on the pressure plate that sets off the magic arrow trap.

Enter the blue room, go around the pillar, then smash the wall that blocks the passage ahead. There’s an obvious imp waiting ahead who you can aggro from a distance with ranged attacks. If you enter the room slowly, you can take out the two stationary imps waiting on the left and right sides of the door easily. Then it’s just a case of opening the chest to grab your Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes prize, and that’s the dungeon complete. Just head back to the boss’s door and get ready for the fight of your life (probably.)

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