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FIFA 23: How to Add Friends?

All the steps you need so you can play with your pals

Updated: Sep 26, 2022 4:54 pm

The FIFA 23 EA Play trial is now live and we can finally dive into some of the big questions for the new game – such as how to add your friends on the game. 

If you do not have EA Play then the early access of the game is available from the 27th of September, while the main game is released three days later on the 30th.

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There will be plenty of game modes you will want to play with your friends including Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Volta and more. 

How to add friends on FIFA 23 

If you’re already friends with the player you want to invite to a game, then they will appear automatically, however if they aren’t here is the best way to get them into the game:

  • Launch FIFA 23
  • Head to the Friends tab by pressing R2 (PlayStation) / RT (Xbox) or ZR (Nintendo Switch) – this will bring up your existing friends and will allow you to invite them 
  • Press Triangle / Y / X (Nintendo Switch) and type in your friend’s Gamertag, Nintendo Online ID, PSN or Origin Account name

If this fails, which is unlikely, you can also add friends manually.

We will outline how to do this below: 

On PlayStation, simply:

  • Head to the Friends tab
  • Insert your friend’s Online ID or name into the search box
  • Then add them

On Xbox you need to:

  • Open up the side menu and head to the People tab
  • Press “Find Someone”
  • Type in your friend’s username and then click

And on PC, just follow the below:

  • Sign into Origin 
  • Click Friends and then “Add a Friend”
  • Search for friends with their real name, email or EA Account ID
  • Click View Profile and you’ll be able to send a friend request

FIFA 23: How to add friends FAQ

Why can’t I add friends on FIFA 23?

It is worth noting here that you have to be playing the same version of the game to be able to play friends on FIFA 23. So in order to play with your pal, make Sure you’re on the same version of the game.

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