For this week’s installment of Film Friday, we’re featuring an article from The Stereoscopy Blog, as shared on 35mmc, that serves as an introduction to stereoscopic photography — oftentimes referred to as as 3D photography.

Stereoscopic still life taken with a 120 Sputnik stereo camera

After a brief introduction to what The Stereoscopy Blog is about, Rebecca (from The Stereoscopy Blog) breaks down the basics of analog stereoscopic photography: what it is, where it came from, what its use-cases are and, arguably most importantly, how to get started in capturing your own stereoscopic images if you think it’s something you’re interested in.

Below is a ‘Wigglegram’ captured with a Nishika N8000 quadrascopic camera on color negative film. Adobe Photoshop was used to animate the series of four photographs, each taken at a slightly different angle.

While stereoscopic photography might not be everyone’s cup of proverbial tea, it’s still a fun little niche for those who want to see what the method is all about. Head on over to 35mmc to read the full article (linked below) and follow The Stereoscopy Blog on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest happenings in the 3D photo world.

An Introduction to Stereoscopic (3D) Photography, and the Stereoscopy Blog – By Rebecca (from Stereoscopy Blog)

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