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Film Friday: Foma Bohemia releases retro-inspired packaging for its 35mm Fomapan films to celebrate 100 year anniversary: Digital Photography Review

Image: Fomo Bohemia

Black and white film manufacturer Foma Bohemia has announced it will be wrapping up its 35mm film in retro-inspired packaging for the company’s 100th anniversary, according to a report from Kosmo Foto.

While Foma Bohemia showed off its similarly-designed retro packaging for its 120 film stocks back in 2019, since the company technically celebrated its centennial birthday last year, the release of the nostalgic 35mm film stocks were delayed due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re finally here though and looking retro as ever.

The Fomapan 100, 200 and 400 film inside the new packaging remains unchanged from previous formulations, but the simple, colorful packaging is a nice little aesthetic throwback to the more mid-century designs of yesteryear. Foma Bohemia says these anniversary film packs are limited-edition and once the supply is gone, that’s it.

Image: Daniel Novak

As noted by Kosmo Foto, photographer Daniel Novak managed to get his hands on a brick of the retro packaged film, showing off the Fomapan 400 in its green, red and white glory. In speaking with Kosmo Foto, Novak said ‘Opening the box was a great surprise. Even though it’s a retro packaging it brought a breath of fresh air and a smile. It’s a happy packaging! And even happier as it was a surprise since their website did not provide any clues.’

Fomapan 100, 200 and 400 films in the retro packaging should be available from various authorized Foma retailers, including B&H Photo. It doesn’t appear as though the new packaging is shown in the product images though, so it’s unclear whether new listings will be made with the new packaging or whether you’ll have to purchase the current listings and hope you’re greeted with the retro packaging.

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