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Friday Night Funkin Chromebook installation guide

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In this Friday Night Funkin Chromebook guide, we will explain what the game is, where you can play it online in your web browser, and finally how to install Friday night Funkin on your Chromebook device if you wish to play it offline.

Friday Night Funkin is not available in the Google Playstore, so the method to install it on your Chromebook requires downloading the Linux version of the game and a bit of tinkering in the Crosh Shell terminal to be able to run it, but worry not – as long as you follow the steps of this guide exactly the process is not difficult. You might also learn a thing or two about your Chromebook device along the way! Read on to find out more.

What is Friday Night Funkin?

Friday Night Funkin (often abbreviated as FNF) is a rhythm game inspired by the likes of PaRappa the Rapper, Dance Dance Revolution, and the flash games of yore, which was released on legendary Flash site Newgrounds in 2022 and has been credited with driving people back to the site.

Taking control of ‘Boyfriend’, you have to win over the father of ‘Girlfriend’ through competing against him and other rivals in a sing/rap off. Essentially players just have to press arrow keys at the right time, to the rhythm of a musical soundtrack, with different difficulty levels increasing the speed and complexity of the combinations.

Is Friday Night Funkin unblocked?

There are several websites where you can play Friday Night Funkin online without having to install the game at all. Many of these sites are unblocked, meaning that the usual network administrator restrictions that prevent you from playing games at work or in school do not apply.

Simply type Friday Night Funkin unlocked sites into Google, and you should be able to find them relatively easily, though beware, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of these sites – you’ll have to use your own judgment.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook system requirements

If you want to install FNF on your Chromebook so that you can play it offline, the first step is to make sure your machine can actually run the game. Although there aren’t any in-depth official system requirements available, the below information represents a combination of what the developer has said is needed and the opinion of the player base around the web.

*(the developer has stated a minimum of 6GB RAM is needed, but most people are able to play the game with 4GB)

Friday Night Funkin minimum system requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: quad core Intel R core TM i5 – 2450M / AMD equivalent (AMR64 architecture not supported)
  • Memory: 4GB*
  • GPU: Intel® HD Graphics (iGPU) / AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 800MB

Friday Night Funkin recommended system requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: quad core Intel R core TM i5 – 2450M / AMD equivalent (AMR64 architecture not supported)
  • Memory: 4GB*
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M / AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 800MB

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook download

Note: you should make sure that any file you download is clear of viruses using the appropriate software before downloading it.
The most trustworthy place to download the game is from the official website. So, navigate to the download section of the FNF website and download the file named

How to install Friday Night Funkin on Chromebook

If you follow the below steps exactly (taking particular care to make sure the commands you paste are 100% accurate) you should have no problem installing FNF on your Chromebook.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 1

First, we must enable Linux (Beta) on your Chromebook so we can run the Linux verison of the game. To do this, go to System Settings, click on Linux (Beta) on the left hand side and then click the Turn on button.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 2

Follow the instructions of the Linux installation wizard. A pop-up crosh shell terminal window will appear. Close this down (we will open another one later).

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 3

If you have not already done so, go to the Friday night funkin website, scroll down to the download section and click Download Now.

This will open a new window from which you should download the file named

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 4

Move the downloaded file from the Downloads folder to Linux files.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 5

Type Ctrl + Shift + T on your keyboard to open the crosh shell terminal again, or alternatively type Terminal into the search bar and click on it.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 6

Copy the below command code exactly (including spaces) and paste it into the terminal:

sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/oldsources.list

This will rename current Linux repository files.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 7

Next copy and paste the following code into the terminal:

sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list

This will create a new Linux app repository file.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 8

And then the following code:

sudo echo deb bullseye main  | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

This will add the repository to the file created in Step 6.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 9

Then enter the next command:

sudo apt update

This will update the repositories of the Linux apps.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 10

Enter the following:

sudo apt dist-upgrade

This will install all Linux updates. You will be prompted if you want to proceed with the installation – press Enter to confirm (this may take a few minutes). In the middle of the installation you will be asked whether you want to change the home directory, select No.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 11

You are now ready to install the game package itself. Enter the command below:


Note: if you decided to rename the zip file prior to installation you will need to replace the section with whatever you changed the filename to.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 12

To make the game executable as a program, enter the following command:

chmod 755 Funkin

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 13

To launch Friday Night Funkin from the terminal, enter the following command:


If you want to run the game whilst disabling the Frame Rate limiter, instead enter the following:

./Funkin –disable-framerate-limit

The game should now boot.

Technically speaking you could just launch the game using the terminal each time using Step 5 and Step 13. However, if you want to set up a launcher so you can run it like any other app from your Chromebook, first enter the following command to install the menu editor:

sudo apt install menulibre

Enter the following command to boot up the menu editor:

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 16

From the list on the left of the menu editor, select Games by clicking on it and then click on the plus icon at the top left of the menu. Press Add Launcher from the drop-down list that appears.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 17

Click where it says New Launcher at the top of the menu to rename it Friday Night Funkin.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 18

Under the Application Details heading, select the folder icon next to Command.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 19

From the window that opens, select Home on the left hand side, then select Funkin. This should close down the window and take you back to the menu editor.

Friday Night Funkin Chromebook step 20

Within the menu editor, select the Save Launcher icon from the top of the window, which should appear as a blue box with a white downward facing arrow inside. This should be it! You should now be able to find Friday Night Funkin under Linux apps in your Chromebook search menu. Enjoy!

Final Word

We hope this guide has taught you everything you need to know to enjoy your Friday Night Funkin Chromebook experience. Be sure to check out our other how-to Chromebook guides in case there’s anything else you’d like to know to become a Chromebook pro.

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