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Ghostwire Tokyo: Deep Cleaning side mission guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo’s world is a haunted place, full of spirits that are only too happy to see you join them on the other side. But the city isn’t a wholly malevolent place now. There are good spirits and yokai remaining in Tokyo after The Vanishing, and it’s up to you to help them. Out of the goodness of your own heart, but of course for the promise of reward. Completing Ghostwire Tokyo’s side missions can net you rewards of Meika, Spirits, and more. Deep Cleaning is likely to be the first Side Mission you encounter in Ghostwire Tokyo. We’ll walk you through how to complete the mission and claim its rewards right here.

Ghostwire Tokyo: How to start Deep Cleaning

The Deep Cleaning Side Mission can be found to the southwest of the Namita Shrine. The Side Mission will become available and appear on your map after cleansing Namita Shrine. resizeimage156

Deep Cleaning walkthrough

To begin Deep Cleaning, travel to the Volunteer Office and head inside. There are several health consumables and files on the ground floor. Grab them and then head up the stairs to the first floor. The first door on the left contains golden objects which will drop a lot of Meika when shattered.

After destroying the objects, take the other door and talk to the NPC Old Man Concerned About Water. He will inform you that pent-up emotions will corrupt and turn into Visitors in areas of built-up still water. It will then be up to you to find a place nearby with lots of still water. resizeimage154

Leave the Volunteer Office and head northwest to find a bathhouse guarded by a corrupted tree.  There are plenty of spirits to collect along the way. Destroy the tree’s core and enter the bathhouse. resizeimage153

Once inside the bathhouse, it does not take long for the area’s corruption to take hold. The initially mundane environment begins to twist and change. Make your way through the distorting corridors and open a door ahead of you, to be transported to a strange spectral realm.

Bathhouse blitz

Within the otherworldly realm, you will be beset by several spirits at once. If you access this mission as soon as it is unlocked, this is likely to be the toughest combat challenge you have faced in Ghostwire Tokyo so far. The enemies will spawn in three waves, with later waves providing a mix of long-range and close-up foes. Be wary of your positioning in order to keep from being overwhelmed, and you’ll soon send them packing. Healing consumables frequently spawn around the area too, as the game is easing you in gently. resizeimage159

Once all the enemies are defeated, you will have cleansed the bathhouse and completed the Deep Cleaning Side Mission! Be sure not to leave the bathhouse right away once the mission is complete, as the area is now full of spirits, just waiting to be absorbed.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Deep Cleaning Side Mission guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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