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Ghostwire Tokyo Relics locations and purpose guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo’s collectables are certainly bountiful across the map. There are Statues, Tanukis, KK Notes, all of which grant different forms of player power. While that’s three alone, there is another one, which is Relics. Ghostwire Tokyo’s relic systems is another form of collecting items, giving you a purpose to run around the map and explore the beautiful world of Tokyo. Moreso, there are monetary awards for collecting relics, and you can get even more cosmetics and other rewards like KK notes and other goodies. Here is everything you need to know about Relics in Ghostwire Tokyo.

What are Relics in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Relics are a variety of items that feature a wide variety of interesting items from Japanese culture. Some could be references to 90’s high school fashion. If you’re learning about Japanese tradition, culture, folklore, then these collectables are a great educational experience. Whenever you collect an item for the first time, youtube a database entry, with a wiki-like explanation of the cultural importance of the item.

Moreso, these items play an important role in acquiring certain items. There are KK notes and other skill-related collectables that you can get from vendors. However, to unlock these items, you first need to acquire several Relics for the special cat vendors called Nekomata Vendors. These vendors sell these items for quite a lot, but tend to have requirements before buying them or getting items for free. So, completionists, you have an adventure-filled road ahead.

In fact, there are over 100 relics in Ghostwire Tokyo. Some of these relics are the same item, such as cursed videotapes, shurikens, and other items.

Ghostwire Tokyo Relic locations

We have not yet found all the Ghostwire Tokyo Relics in the game at the time of writing. There are a lot, and by far they are the hardest to find thanks to vague clues for Nekomata vendors and harder to distinguish spirit sense queues.

Most are fairly straightforward and are where they are on the map. Some might be on the ground floor of Tokyo, or some may be on the top of rooftops. However, some are locked behind certain quests. However, we have taken screenshots of the ones we have found, helping you to find the ones we have managed. Note that we are only missing roughly 14 or so relics, making your journey much easier.

Below the images, you will find clues to get the items that are e9ither stuck on hard to access buildings or are part of side quests in specific instances of the open world.

Relics West
Relics East
Relics South

Shibuya Underground Relics

There are sections that are not on the open-world map. Some of these are the Shibuya Underground relics. Throughout the underground, you can find relics. One of these is a ghostly knife, which you can find several times throughout the game. These times are exclusive to bathrooms, and one is a bathroom stall.

You can also find a Maneki Neko cat thing in an arcade in the underground. There is an Inugami Mummy by some rumble if you keep heading norths in the underground, as you can with Chcochin-Obake Netsuke Lastly, there is a Bottle Gourd in a circular room by a floating blue box in the north section of the subway station.

Wooden Fish Ghostwire Tokyo Relic

The Wooden Fish is located inside a religious shrine in the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate area. However, you cannot get into the Shrines until you complete the Art Imitates Life side mission. This requires you to chase around an animated drawing dragon across the gardens, so try to follow it the best you can and follow the spirit to its lairs to beat the quest. Once the quest is finished, the dragon returns to the wall it belongs on, once again allowing you to open the room and claim the fish.

Japanese Sword Ghostwire Tokyo Relic

There is a Japanese Sword you can get from the construction site Kappagaike Torii Gate. It is located next to the Old Wounds side quest. You need to accept the quest from the construction worker outside the site and vanquish the old samurai lord that haunts the site. Completing the quest allows you to see a debris less room, which allows you to find a Japanese Sword in the area.

Oni Netsuke Relic

The Oni Netsuke Relic is on top of a building with a helipad. To climb the building you need to find a building that you can climb to, then glide to a window ledge and walk round. You can then glide into the elevator to the top of the building. You need to fight off some flying ghosts and remove a tree corruption to get it.

Model Minivan

Inside a house at the very bottom of the map located near on the left side of the railway lines.


Inside a house during the side quest, Zashiki-Warashi. The house is directly opposite the side quest giver. And the collectable is in the closet.

Model Supercar

The model supercar Ghostwire Tokyo relic location in found during the Deep Cleaning mission. It is on the ground floor desk in a room left of the main door.

Haunting VIsions Side mIssion – Four in the hospital.

Nesting Evil Side Mission – Two Ghostwire Tokyo relics in the building during the nesting evil side mission.

This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo Relics location guide. For more guides, check out the Ghostwire Tokyo hub for even more content on the game.

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