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Ghostwire Tokyo: The Voice in the Wall Side Mission Guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo’s Side Missions offer you the chance to explore strange spectral happenings, and gain spirits and Meika for your trouble. The Voice in the Wall is one of the game’s more unique and interesting side missions, feeling less like a combat challenge and more of a short, unsettling story. We’ll walk you through how to complete the side mission and uncover its secrets with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: How to complete The Voice in the Wall

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To begin The Voice in the Wall, you must head to a hotel southeast of the Aisawa shrine. Speak to the spirit of a repair worker outside the hotel, and they will mention that the hotel’s fourth floor has one less room than the others and that the hotel’s owner once vanished without a trace.

Head inside the hotel to begin The Voice in the Wall proper. In the lobby you will find a rain walker spirit standing waiting for the elevator. Sneak up on them and perform a quick purge to avoid engaging the spirit in combat. With the rain walker dead, move through a door to get behind the reception desk and pick up a health consumable.

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Once you are finished in the lobby, enter the elevator, and ride it up to the fourth floor. After a short trip, head forward down the corridor and to the right. As you proceed down the corridor, you will begin to hear strange mumbling from a source nearby. Stop in front of the noticeable grey patch on the wall, in place of where a door should be. Once there, activate your Spectral Vision and you will meet a Nurikabe. This strange cyclopean yokai is hiding the fourth floor’s missing room. Exorcise the yokai to receive a magatama for your efforts.

In the bedroom beyond, you will find an unsettling note on the bedside table. It discusses how the hotel manager had an obsessive love for a particular painting, and would often stay in this room just to spend time with it. While there, the Nurikabe sealed the room off, leaving the manager to his fate.

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Completing The Voice in the Wall

Once you have learned of the manager’s grizzly fate, be sure to pick up the painting from the wall. It can later be handed into an Artsy Nekomata in exchange for a large amount of Meika. Ride the elevator back down to the lobby and exit the hotel. Speak with the spirit outside, and you will have completed Ghostwire: Tokyo’s The Voice in the Wall Side Mission!

This concludes our Ghostwire The Voice in the Wall guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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