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Google wants to restrict sideloading even more on Android 13

Google is expected to introduce new sideloading restrictions on unapproved apps on the Play Store when Android 13 is released this fall. It’s extra security for everyone, but it will especially benefit the visually impaired.


  • Google wants to restrict access to accessibility features to apps on the Play Store only.
  • The idea is that sideloaded apps are less secure.

According to journalist Mishaal Rahman, Google is expected to introduce new restrictions on sideloaded apps with Android 13. If until now, some applications downloaded outside the Play Store could access many data, this will soon no longer be the case, at least not systematically. Users will no longer be able to grant access to their accessibility API to developers not present in the Play Store.

A few weeks ago, Google had already indicated its willingness to restrict access to APIs to developers of applications that allow calls to be recorded in third-party applications. The company reminded that the accessibility API was exclusively intended for developers of applications for people with disabilities.

However, this announcement had troubled many people, including journalists who could no longer record their news sources.

With the future restrictions of Android, Google hopes to make downloads and data access more secure. After the release of Android 13, it will be harder for sinister malware developers to access sensitive data of Android users. It’s also a way for Google to make its store unavoidable while continuing to generate profit and especially while keeping control of the data.

What do you think about this measure? Do you think it will really make Android applications more secure? Do you often install APKs via alternative stores? How many of these apps require access to accessibility features?

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