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GTA Online Weekly Update August 18th

Jump Back Into GTA Online!

The GTA Online Weekly Update August 18th is here! We take a look at what’s been added in the update.

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Prepare yourself for some brand new discounts, new content, and more.

GTA Online Weekly Update for August 18, 2022

GTA Online Weekly Update

New Content

  • 10 News Cayo Perico races are now available
  • New Declasse Draugur car is available for ($1,870,000 – $1,402,500) from Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Those who purchase the Declasse Draugur this week will also receive the Gray Yeti Flat Cap, free of charge
  • Free Keinemusik Cayo Perico Tee reward for logging into GTA Online this week
  • Buried Stashes are now available. Find the Metal Detector Random Event to start collecting
  • Luxury Autos Car Dealership located in Rockford Hills has now opened, with two cars on show for purchase and to test drive
  • Simeon’s Auto Shop has opened, offering five cars you can now test drive and purchase.

New Activities

  • 2x GTA$ & RP on – Cayo Perico Races
  • 2x Speed Boost for Warehouse Staff sourcing Special Cargo


60% Off –

50% Off –

  • 811 ($567,500)
  • Super Diamond ($125,000)
  • Defiler ($206,000 – $154,500)
  • Silk Pajamas & Robes
  • Smoking Jackets
  • Special Cargo Crates & Warehouse Source Cargo

40% Off –

  • Brickade ($666,000)
  • Cognoscenti ($152,400)
  • FMJ ($1,050,000)
  • Arena Imperator ($1,370,964 – $1,030,800)
  • Windsor Drop ($540,000)
  • Bunkers

30% Off –

  • Itali GTB ($832,300)
  • Penetrator ($616,000)
  • T20 ($1,540,000)
  • Throwables & Ammo (+Special Ammo)
  • Special Cargo Warehouses

Test Track Cars

  • Enus Windsor Drop
  • Lampadati Pigalle
  • Enus Super Diamond

That’s everything added in the GTA Online Weekly Update August 18th.

When Will The Next GTA Online Weekly Update Drop?

The next GTA Online Weekly Update will launch next Thursday, and we’ll have all the details for you when it does.

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So make sure to come back next week for all the information on that.

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