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Horizon Forbidden West Max Level – what it is & how to get it quickly

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One of the things you might not be considering when you charge headlong into Horizon Forbidden West is how best to utilize your skill tree. At face value, Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world RPG where you can hoover up skill points and hone different abilities? But does the game have a level cap and if so, what is the max level you can hope to achieve in Horizon Forbidden West? Let’s have a look.

Horizon Forbidden West Max Level

Whereas the last game in the series had a maximum level cap of 60, Guerilla Games have made some fairly unique design choices here to keep things interesting.

The max level you can reach in Horizon Forbidden West is 50 – don’t get us wrong, you aren’t going to waltz quickly along to that total, but what it does mean is that it is impossible to level Aloy up to max in all stats in a single playthrough of the game. Some parts of her skill tree remain destined to be below their true potential for evermore.

What this also means is that you can set yourself up to replay the game again in a totally different way by concentrating next time on a completely different aspect of Aloy’s character skill tree.

In Horizon Zero Dawn upon completion we had the NG+ mode added which carried over your existing skills and whatnot to a new playthrough of the game, allowing you to increase your character further. As yet, this is not a thing in Horizon Forbidden West – do we expect the devs to add it further down the line? Quite possibly as it is a clever way to get players to return to the adventure.

For the time being though you will need to choose right from the start where you want to concentrate further down the line. The worst thing you can perhaps do in a game like this is attempt to cover all the bases and be an allrounder. In mid to late game it may well be the fact you have specialized in a certain area that helps you out more than being slightly above average in all skills.

How to level up quickly in Horizon Forbidden West

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If you aren’t necessarily the best at combat you can still get your hands on quick XP by completing the Cauldrons and Relikc Ruins. Every time you chalk one of these off you will gain between 5,000 and15,000 XP. Also, stealth kills can be a valuable way of boosting that score too so you can quickly rise through the levels.

Although the game will give you a level number as a ‘Mission Requirement’ these are only advisory, even if you didn’t realize that and it is quite possible to progress past there with a lower level number as long as you are halfway competent.

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