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How to make a Drill in Core Keeper

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So, you’ve stumbled upon giant clusters of ore deposits as you’ve explored the many cave systems in Core Keeper? Well, chances are you have and you tried to give it a big ol’ slap with your pick, but, nothing happened, and instead, getting told you need a drill. To satisfy that new intrigue, we will teach you how to make a Drill in Core Keeper.

How to make a drill in Core Keeper

To make a Drill in Core keeper, you’re going to have to play the main story of the game. You’re going to need to beat the three bosses in the game, which will allow you to bypass the great metal wall that you’ve more than likely found in your playthrough. Beyond the wall lies a special resource called Scarlet ore, which you can smelt down into Scarlet bars. Getting Scarlett ore is key to making drills work.

Once you have acquired your Scarlet Ore, you now need to refine it using a smelter, the one you use to smelt gold. Once you have the bars, it’s time to process them into items at the Scarlet Workbench, Electronics Table and the Automation Table.

Firstly, the Drill is an item you can craft from an Automation table. To create that item, you first need to make a Scarlett Workbench. Once you have done this you can then make a drill using ten Scarlett Bars and ten Iron Bars. Congratulations, you have now made a drill in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper Drill Setup

Point the drill towards the deposit

Once you have made your first Drill you’ll realise it is a block and not a tool. It means you’re going to have to setup a drill site if you want to extract ore from those deposits. To do so, you need to deploy a drill and an Electrical Generator and use some wires from an electricity bench. However, you can place an electricity generator next to a drill if you plan on only having one functioning drill at a time and save those copper wires for later.

Once acquired, deploy an electricity generator, and wire it up to the Drill. You can then rotate the drill using ‘E’ and the drill should start working away at the deposit, generating ore over time.

However, if you want to experience some satisfactory levels of engineering, you can then make conveyor belts that drag ore from the location to a box. Simply make the conveyor belt go in a direction, and then place a robot arm and a chest at the end of the conveyor line to safely store your new ore. Alternatively, you can have a robot arm pickup ore from the drill and place it on a conveyor belt that goes directly into a storage box if you so wanted to.

It means you can set up multiple drill mines and get ore passively to mining bases you set up. However setting all that up is expensive, So, keep it in mind if you’re heavy into automation or don’t mind picking ore up as the drill naturally work on a cluster of ore.

This concludes our Core Keeper drill guide. For more Core Keeper content, why not check out our Core Keeper hub to help you on your cave adventures?

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