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How to make paper in Minecraft

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Minecraft paper is actually a very useful item, not only can it be used for making maps, banner patterns and fireworks, but it’s also required if you want to craft an incredibly useful enchantment area for your base. So, in this article, we’re going to find out how to make paper in Minecraft and take a look at its uses!

How to make paper in Minecraft

Firstly, how do you make paper in Minecraft survival mode? Well, it’s actually a very simple recipe once you have the ingredients. It’s just three sugar cane, lined up horizontally in a Crafting Table. While you can put the sugar cane on any of the three rows in a Crafting Table, the horizontal line is non-negotiable, and the recipe will not work in a different format. Three sugar cane will produce three pieces of paper.

The difficulty, therefore, with making paper in survival Minecraft, is that Sugar Cane is a raw material, so you’ll need to find some first. And if you want to make paper – as we’ll look at further down – to make books for an enchantment table, you’ll need a lot. Thankfully, sugar cane is easily farmable, and we will have a separate guide on how to farm sugar cane in Minecraft soon.

Minecraft crafting recipes that require paper

Paper itself can’t be used for anything other than crafting, so if you’re looking to make paper in Minecraft, chances are it’s as a step towards making something else. And there are quite a few Minecraft crafting recipes which use paper, so once you have a Sugar Cane farm, you’ll have plenty of uses for it past an enchanting room.



As mentioned, paper is used in a number of crafting recipes, the most useful being books. As books are then used in the crafting of Lecterns and Enchantment Tables, as well as trading and enchanting, paper quickly becomes a useful item in any survival Minecraft world. As for how much paper you need to make a book in Minecraft, the answer is three, as you can see from the image below.


Other Minecraft recipes that require paper are:

  • Banner Patterns
  • Fireworks
  • Maps


On top of crafting, paper can be used for trading with cartographers and librarians in both Bedrock and Java Edition. As such, if you have a bountiful sugar cane farm, this can be a good way to earn Emeralds, and fast.

So while paper may take us on many tangents into other crafting recipes and guides, you now know how to make paper in Minecraft! Along with the guides we’ve diverted you to through this article, we have a bunch of other handy articles in our Minecraft hub, including how to create Minecraft Realms, and how to make potions in Minecraft.

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