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How to make Stone Brick in V Rising

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Stone Brick is one of the most crucial items for progressing from your medieval vampire wooden fort to vampire count. It is one of the most regularly used and required throughout the base building of your castle. So, how do you get Stone Brick in V Rising? We will teach you how to make Stone Bricks with ease.

How to make Stone Bricks in V Rising

You’re going to need to swing your mace at these stone blocks quite a lot in V Rising.

To make Stone Bricks in V Rising, you need two major parts:

The Grinder is a buildable item you can find in the Production tab of your building menu, It costs 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Whetstones to build. To get those items you need a Sawmill for the planks, which costs 180 wood in total to convert into the 8 planks. You then need to smelt the 80 Copper in a furnace to make the 4 Ingots and then get 4 Whetstones. Whetstones are a tricky resource to get, and we have a guide on that if you need help learning how to craft and find Whetstones in V Rising.

Once you have completed your Grinder, you can then make Stone Bricks. You will need 12 stones per brick you make. You can also get one Stone Dust, which you can later use to make Whetstone in a furnace if you have the recipe. 

Once you have Stone Bricks, you can then begin rafting the building parts to help you on your quest to make your first castle area. Remember, making Stone Bricks is an important part of the game. We recommend farming Stone blocks, by keeping an eye on the grey boulders that protrude from the ground de. You can find them around the Woodlands, but they become more common in the mines, and in the mountain areas of the map.

This concludes our V Rising Stone Brick guide. For more guides on the game, why not check out our V Rising hub, which contains guides on other important materials, such as Leather, Grave Dust, Coarse Thread and more.

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