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Huge Sony sensor leaked: Xiaomi’s secret weapon over Samsung & Apple?

The first information about the largest camera sensor for smartphones has surfaced on the web. Sony’s Exmor IMX800 is supposed to measure 1.1 inches and thus offer a larger sensor area than the sensor in Sony’s Xperia Pro-I. According to rumors, this could give Xiaomi an advantage over the competition.


  • First information about the Sony IMX800 has appeared.
  • New camera sensor for smartphones to measure 1.1 inches
  • The sensor could make its debut in the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

I have just updated our list of the best camera phones, and already the first leak about Sony’s IMX800 has appeared on the web. According to the leaker DigitalChatStation, the previously unknown sensor measures 1.1 inches. This would make it the largest sensor ever used in a smartphone.

The record was previously 1 inch, which was first offered exclusively in China in Leica’s Leitz Phone 1 and then came to the market with the Sony Xperia Pro-I after all. Unlike Sony, the sensor will not have 20 megapixels (native), but 50 million pixels. It will be very exciting to see whether the entire sensor surface can actually be used in future smartphones.

Will the Xiaomi 12 Ultra be at 50 megapixels?

According to GSM Arena, Xiaomi could manage that and the reasons sound quite plausible. After all, we should still see the Xiaomi 12 Ultra later this year, which is rumored to be equipped with a 50-megapixel main sensor. If Xiaomi actually manages to achieve 50 megapixels in the Ultra model, that would definitely be a small milestone.

Not because there hasn’t been a phone with 50 megapixels yet. Rather, because Sony itself can only use a section of the sensor in the Pro-I for taking pictures. The sensor’s resolution drops by 40 percent to 12 megapixels with a crop, because otherwise the edges of the lens would probably be visible as an unsightly frame in the picture. Xiaomi could achieve that with a larger distance between the lens and the sensor. However, it remains to be seen where the space for that will come from.

What do you think, are the latest rumors about camera phones realistic? And how sensible do you think it is to use larger sensors in smartphones? Is it the next marketing trend or does it really make sense? Write it to me in the comments!

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