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KipperTie Strata PL-ND for RED V-RAPTOR Introduced – Bolt-on Lens Mount Now With Built-in ND

The new KipperTie Strata PL-ND is a bolt-on PL to RF lens adapter specifically engineered for the RED V-RAPTOR. It attaches to the front of the camera body via a 4-point mounting system and comes with built-in optical ND filters for up to 6 stops of filtration. It is now available for purchase on CVP for €2,317.

Although RED’s flagship model, the V-RAPTOR, is a beast of a camera, the lack of an internal ND filtration system can be a little limiting at times. Last year, Breakthrough Photography came up with a workaround for use with PL glass, their Cinema DFM drop-in filter mount system.

Also, back in February, we reported about the release of the KipperTie Strata PL, a bolt-on PL mount system specifically designed for the RED V-RAPTOR. Over the past few months, the company has been perfecting this product in order to offer users an upgraded version with built-in ND filters: the KipperTie Strata PL-ND. Let’s take a closer look!

Image credit: KipperTie

KipperTie Strata PL-ND: overview

The new KipperTie Strata PL-ND is a PL to RF lens mount specifically developed for the RED V-RAPTOR. Built on the legacy of the standard Strata PL version, this new model shares the same bolt-on design.

Image credit: KipperTie

Indeed, it attaches directly to the front of the V-RAPTOR body via four stainless screws. This robust solution is gentle on the camera’s native RF mount, which is only used as a reference point so that filmmakers don’t need to worry about damaging the mount when using heavy PL glass.

Image credit: KipperTie

The biggest difference with the original Strata PL is the addition of an integrated 4-step ND filter solution. Users can choose between four different settings: Clear, ND0.6, ND1.2, and ND1.8. In other words, this means the Strata PL-ND can take away 2, 4, or 6 stops of light.

All-mechanical design

According to KipperTie, this accessory is built like a tank. The front of the adapter features several 1/4”-20 mounting points for accessories. Moreover, its purely mechanical design leaves any faulty electronics out of the equation and this choice should ensure the product has a long life.

Image credit: KipperTie

The ND filters are built using pure optical glass with a protective coating that should make them easier to clean. KipperTie claims this filtration system doesn’t have any influence on color, polarization, vignette, or bokeh.

Image credit: KipperTie

Moreover, the inner part of the adapter features an optical baffle and flare traps to reduce any undesired internal reflection. I’m wondering if this design also helps reduce the risk of incurring in the V-RAPTOR’s sensor stitching issue.

Price and availability

The new KipperTie Strata PL-ND for RED V-RAPTOR is now available for purchase from CVP for €2.317. Upon shipping, the unit comes pre-shimmed for nominal back focus, but the company also includes a series of additional shims to ensure better control.

For more information, please visit KipperTie’s website here.

What’s your favorite solution for using ND filters with the RED V-RAPTOR? What’s your take on the new KipperTie Strata PL-ND? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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