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Lost Ark Artillerist Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

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Do you fancy blowing up your foes in Lost Ark? Perhaps melting enemies way with a flamethrower? Well, the Lost Ark Artillerist is for you. The class is one of the Gunner lasses, carrying with it big guns full of explosives, fire, and giant ironclad armor that makes him one of the toughest classes in the game. Moreso, you can transform into a giant turret, enhancing your damage massively, firing giant laser beams and even bigger bombs at your opponent. Below you will find our Lost Ark Artillerist guide, taking you through all the basics of this Lost Ark class.

Lost Ark Artillerist Guide

If this sounds fun for you, we are here to give you a beginner’s look via this Lost Ark Artillerist guide. Here you can expect a look at the most common Lost Ark Artillerist build at the end game, so you can get an idea of how this class functions at the end game. Meanwhile, you can get an overview of the most used Artillerist skills, engravings and more, so you can get a good glimpse and see if the Lost Ark Artillerist is right for you.

Lost Ark Artillerist Build

I hope you like flamethrowers, as this Lost Ark Artillerist guide uses one. Image via Smilegate.

Okay, so there is only one typical Lost Ark Artillerist Build at the end game. The typical Artillerist build features a class engraving called the Firepower Enhancement, which boosts your identity skill’s damage and reduces your damage taken. No matter what level of the Firepower Enhancement engraving you have, you will always receive 20% less damage while your identity is active.

Meanwhile, you’re damage in the form changes depending on several factors. The first is how strong your firepower buff is, while the second factor is the Firepower Enhancement engraving level. The general idea is that you want to upgrade this Firepower Engraving as often as possible so you can really make your identity skill shine.

This means you will have a naturally strong class in its identity skill window, and lower in its regular human form. It means you can consider this Lost Ark Artillerist build rather bursty; however, its base form still does solid, sustained DPS. The Artilleristt is not on the extremes of Soulfist that is for sure. If you like high damage windows, along with a cool aesthetic, this is the class for you.

Lost Ark Artillerist Identity Skill

You’ll have seen this Lost Ark Artillerist guide mention the Artillerist identity skill. So, what is it? The answer to that is a giant turret thing. When you are satisfied with the Firepower buff you have built, you can use your identity skill and get inside a stationary turret. This turret asks as another form, granting you some new skills as long as you remain in the turret.

You can expect some massive lazer to fire, even bigger missiles and more. You want to press these skills as often as possible and really dish out as much damage as you can.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Artillerist Skills
Artillerists use a giant gun to fire their skills. Image via Smilegate.

As for the typical skills you will use in this Lost Ark Artillerist build, you want the best damage skills, combined with decent resource generation and damage buffs via stagger increase and armor reduction. If you want to, you can opt-in for the defensive party buff in summon turret, which is great, regardless of whether you are running PvP, group PvE, or solo PvE. However, it does mean sacrificing some damage bonuses. Below you will find a table featuring the core skills you will use and the tripods. Please note the translations may be slightly off come live.

Skill What it does Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Napalm Shot Fire a shell at the location, which launches foes into the air. The shell leaves behind a patch of fire, which deals damage every second for 5 seconds. Focus Me – stagger damage buff for four seconds. Vital – Crit rate increase Chain – repeats the attack twice and adds extra fire effects.
Multiple Rockets Fires 5 missiles =, with each missile dealing significant damage. However, the rockets pathing are random. Flame – adds fire damage to the rockets. Quick – Increase the rocket firing speed and increase damage. Access Denies – Fire twice as many rockets and increases damage.
Flamethrower Fire a flamethrower in a direction which you can do while moving. Deals damage over four seconds. Quick Prep – cooldown reduction Shield – Grants a shield while using this skill. Blue – Increases the duration of the skill and increases damage.
Raid Fire large bullets into the sky that drop and deal damage and launch foes hit into the air. Quick- Attack speed increase. Lightning – 30% crit rate increase on the skill. The Big One – Fire a single shell, increasing damage and explosion area.
Turret Summon a turret with a machine gun for ten seconds. Armor – Reduce foes defence by 12% for six seconds. Enhanced – increases turret damage. Laser – Turret becomes a laser and gets a damage increase.
Barrage Quick cannonball attack. Firepower meter recovery increase by 100% Enhanced – Damage increase.  
Homing Barrage Send out a beacon that attracts a missile several seconds later that launches foes into the air and deals big AOE damage. Guiding – reduces missile travel time by one second. Weak Point – Damage to push immune foes increased. Power Bomb – Drop a bomb aswell that deals bonus damage. Also leaves behind a hazard zone that deals damage for eery second an enemy stands inside it.
Energy Field Create a 40% health shield for four seconds. Mind – No mana cost. Energy – increase shield duration by four seconds – now eight seconds. Solid – Become push immune while the shield is active.

Lost Ark Artillerist Awakening Skills

We are moving on to the Awakening skills. Every class in Lost Ark has two unique Awakening skills, which have very long cooldowns and require a reagent to use. The Artillerist is no different. The typical Lost Ark Artillerist build will use the Missile Barrage Awakening skill, as it has high stagger and sends 20 rockets at the target area. Each missile also does a lot of damage.

Thanks to your stagger scaling, this is the best one for this Lost Ark Artillerist guide. The Stagger tripod you use on Napalm shot makes this skill much better. However, if you do not use that stagger tripod, then you can use the second one. The second Awakening skill is the Heavy Turret, which spawns a turret for 20 seconds, which has self-guided lazer beams and missiles. It’d like spawning your identity skill, albeit without the extra firepower buffs.

Lost Ark Artillerist Engravings

Like almost every other class in the game, you want as many damage engravings as possible. These engravings include Cursed Doll, Grudge, Adrenaline. These skills offer you more damage, albeit you get a debuff that increases your damage taken and lowers your healing effects. However, thanks to your damage reduction buff from your Firepower enhancement class engravings and your 8-second long shield, that is not so much of a hassle.

In addition, you can also go Barricade engraving, which increases your damage while you’re shielded. Since you have an eight-second-long shield, you can start your rotation with that skill and pump your damage out for added effect. You can even use Hit Master – an engraving that grants bonus damage to skills that are not front or back attacks. The Artillerist has plenty of these thanks to the many airstrikes and ground effects the Lost Ark Artillerist build uses.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skill runes and gems

The Artillerist is one of the best stagger classes in the game. Therefore, any skill rune you can find with stagger needs to go to a skill with high stagger. This is s you can deal more damage when they are staggered, which synergizes well with the stagger tripod you take on Napalm. Moreso, remember to get resource generation skills on your barrage cannon shot since you are already increasing your resource generation thanks to a tripod. Also, we recommend grabbing extra crit rate, especially on skills like Air Raid, which has a bonus crit strike chance anyway. This isn’t necessary only when you have enough crit from your actual build and gear.

The other recommendation for this Lost Ark Artillerist build is the shield gems. You can add this to your other non-shield gems and increase your survivability. It’s also useful if you take the shield engraving so you can keep up that shield x damage increase engraving synergy.

This concludes the very basics of the Artillerist. If you enjoyed this Lost Ark Artillerist guide, why not check out other builds over in our Lost Ark hub?

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