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Lost Ark Gunslinger Beginner’s Guide: Skills, Engravings, Tripods

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Lost Ark has quite a lot of classes at launch, with many having different themes and playstyles. However, one of the more flashy and high action classes is the Gunslinger. For those that want to dabble with the Gunslinger, have a look at our Lost Ark Gunslinger guide for beginners. You will get a look at the Gunslinger skills, tripods, engraving and playstyles.

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Lost Ark Gunslinger guide for beginners

The purpose of this Lost Ark Gunslinger guide is to help beginners get a feel for what to expect from the class during the Lost Ark western release. The theory behind this guide looks at what players are already doing in Russia and Korea, helping to paint a picture of how the Gunslinger operates with different end game builds.

In addition, this Lost Ark Gunslinger guide will also highlight what the Gunslinger skills and tripods are. The gunslinger has 16 different skills to master, so having a look at the guns and their skills and engravings helps to paint a picture of what to expect.

Lastly, we will explain Lost Ark’s jargon. Lost Ark has quite a lot of jargon thanks to its gameplay features. We will break this down, allowing you to understand all the systems you will meet when you start getting deep into the leveling process and towards the end game on the gunslinger.

Gunslinger Identity Skills

The Lost Ark Gunslinger has access to three weapons.

Identity skills basically mean a character’s ultimate ability. Some of Lost Ark’s classes have two, while others have one. In this case, the Gunslinger is one of the only Lost Ark classes with three and no identity gauge. The Gunslinger uses three different weapons to deal damage, the shotgun, the sniper rifle and dual-wielding pistols. Pistols are the generic gameplay experience that offers the most skill, while the shotgun is designed for close-range gameplay, with the sniper for picking off targets at range.

 Lost Ark Gunslinger Skills and Tripods

This section will take a look at the current T3 builds that players are running. It is so you can get an idea of how the Lost Ark Gunslinger players. Moreso, it’s important to highlight the differences, as the brother class, the Deadeye, plays very similarly to the Gunslinger with a few major caveats.

The most common build you’ll find is the Peacekeeper build, which offers players the chance to use all three weapons, each with different buffs. You can go to the Hunting Time build and remove the shotgun. Some players even run Hunting Time and Peacekeeper to get the added buffs from both playstyles. They are all viable builds. 

As for your tripods, most Korean end game builds tend to put their tripods into certain skills that they want to be their main damage dealers. Also, any skill that has a tripod that removes the back attack is a must up. Below is an example of the most common sniper, shotgun and pistol skills players use.

Skill What it does
Spiral Tracker Throw a gun at the location that shoots enemies nearby.
Peacekeeper Combination of long-range pistol attacks.
Quick-Step Slide 6 meters and fire the weapon along the way.
Plasma Bullet Fires a slow-moving plasma round that deals damage to those it passes through.
Meteor Stream Fire several rounds in the air that later crash to an area you chose.
Somersault Dash forward ten meters and deal damage along the way.
Equilibrium Fires your handgun around you hitting multiple targets.
Bullet Rain Move and shoot your pistols in a  straight line while you hold the key.
Dexterous Shot Slide and shoot your guns. It can be cast twice.
Death Fire Hold down and shoot your pistols for 3 seconds dealing damage, hit the perfect shot again to leap and deal damage.
Focus Shot Fires three sniper rounds back to back with the third hitting the most damage.
Catastrophe Fire a claymore at the area that blows up and knocks enemies in the air.
Perfect Shot Fires a sniper round that has a perfect shot mechanic. Land that to deal even more damage and knockdown foes hit.
Sharpshooter Fires multiple shotguns seven times.
Last Request Fires an explosive shotgun round that deals damages and knocks foes up.
Dual Buckshot Shoots your shotgun twice. Combo with another skill to get a third shotgun blast.
Shotgun Rapid Fire Shoot your shotgun three times. Tends to combo from Dual Buckshot.

You also might be wondering what does Tripod mean? it simply means the buffs to your skills. When you level skills up you unlock talent points for those skills, as you would in traditional MMORPG games. This allows you to get better buffs to those skills, which may mean bigger booms, more damage, or extra utility like a party buff or more mobility.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Engravings

Lost Ark Gunslinger Class Engravings comparison
Here are the two Lost Ark Gunslinger Class Engravings.

As already discussed, there are two class engraving for the Gunslinger, Peacekeeper and Hunting Time. If you go the Peacekeeper route expect to use shotguns. If you go Hunting TIme then you will lose your burst shotgun and combo skills. Typically, Peacekeeper grants you attack speed increase to pistols, crit chance buffs to shotguns and damage increase on the sniper. Meanwhile, Hunting Time grants a 30% crit chance increase on your sniper and pistol. Pick whichever you like the most.

Since you’re class is all about damage, anything that increases your ability to defeat enemies is useful. Things include engravings like Grudge, which increases the damage you do to bosses, while also increasing your damage. However, be cautious of the fact you also take more damage. If you’re still learning how to beat bosses or other hard content, then we recommend not using it as it means you’re more likely to die.

On the other hand, you’ll also want to look into Precise Dagger, as that increases your crit damage, while Cursed Doll increases your attack power. Lots of the Gunslinger class engravings grant extra crit. If you use Hunting Time, then Precise Dagger might be overkill. But, if you’re using the Peacekeeper class engraving, this helps a lot with the added crit on the sniper and the pistols. 

You’ll also like Adrenaline, which is good for increasing your damage that stacks based on your damage output. Keen Blunt Weapon is also a nice idea if you want that bonus crit chance regardless of class engraving. However, it does have a chance to make your attacks do 20% less damage. Keep that in mind when your damage values seem a bit lower than usual.

You can also take the Heavy Armor engraving, which increases your total defense skill by 20%, 50%, or 100%, depending on the level of the heavy armor engraving. However, the Gunslinger is a fairly mobile class, so if you get good at using your mobile skills and space bar dodge you may not need this.

Most of these Gunslinger engravings are situational and revolve around your personal issues and circumstances. Keep this in mind as you build your character for the content you are doing.

Lost Ark Awakening Skills

Each class in Lost Ark has two different Awakenings. You get the first at level 50, and you can then unlock another later on. The Gunslinger Awakening Skills include one that fires a super high powered sniper round that hits all targets in its path after a brief wind up animation. It does do the bulk of it damage to the first target hit, however, and it has a medium range. The other is an explosive sniper round that performs a very large blast. In other words, you have the choice between a huge sling target burst that can crit vs a high AOE awakenings skill.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Gems

Like most MMOs, Gems are a feature that adds extra power to your character through an external gearing system. Gems tend to add extra bonuses to the character, such as skills speed, cooldown reductions, identity skill generation and more.

The Lost Ark Gunslinger gems tend to focus on any gems that increase damage, along with some gems that increase attack speed or casting speed. The Gunslinger has a lot of combos and holds skills with perfect timing mechanics, so anything that helps out with that is great.

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