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Lost Ark Islands Guide: Island Tokens, rewards & bosses

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One of the most interesting aspects of Lost Ark’s end game feature is its sailing feature. When you embark into the open seas of Arkesia, there are several islands scattered all over the world. Some are big islands, basically end game continents, while others are mini islands filled with activities. This Lost Ark Island guide will teach you all there is to know about the Lost Ark Islands feature.

What are Lost Ark Islands?

Islands in Lost Ark are typically T1 end game content. You’ll need to go to these islands for a few Lost Ark World Bosses that spawn during calendar events. Meanwhile, calendar events allow players to visit other islands that only become available at certain times. Some of the islands in the game are visit and forget, as they don’t offer players events, dailies or any other farmable content. On the other hand, some islands do. More on this later.

However, the event times islands are the juicy ones. These islands tend to be the islands you get gear honing equipment from. You normally get these from Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons and World Bosses, but these islands events help players who need more resources and have more available time to spend getting their honing equipment. These gear honing items help players get more resources to upgrade their end game gear, which is how you grind out of the different tiers of content.

You’ll want to check the calendar each day so you can see when these islands are active. Be aware that different islands are rotating each day and at different times. The Lost Ark islands list below are the islands that rotate in and out through T1 content.

  • Asura Island
  • Drumbeat Island
  • Forpe
  • Harmony Island
  • Lagood Island
  • Lagoon Island
  • Lush Reed Island
  • Medeia
  • Monte Island
  • Oblivion Isle
  • Opportunity Isle
  • Phantomwing Island
  • Snowpang Island
  • Tranquil Island
  • Volare Island

Note that there is no consistency between these islands and the available dates. They are genuinely random, so check ahead of the calendar and mark down any islands you really need to go to.

On the other hand, some of these Islands feature merchant vessels, Pirate NPCs, and currencies like Pirate coins. It is a separate mechanic related to sailing, that warrants its own guide. When we are done with it, we will link to it here.

Lost Ark Island Rewards

There are over 70 different islands in Lost Ark, all of which offer the player different rewards. Luckily for us, some absolute hero named Professional World408 made a table and published it on Reddit. This table will help you understand what rewards you can get from the islands, including  Island Tokens, Card Packs, Engravings, Pirate Coins and honing equipment.

Lost Ark Island Hearts

Visit this island if you want to see what these Lost Ark Island Tokens reward you.

There are plenty of collectables on all of Lost Ark’s islands, such as Mokoko Seeds. However, there is one collectable that is exclusive to the Islands, and they are Island Tokens. 

You want to visit this Island as soon as you can because you can get a quest called Island Tokens, which Opher tells you to go and collect. Each Island has an Island Token associated with it, which you can later spend at Opher the Lonely Island. Collecting the Island Tokens rewards you with the Opher Island Token, helping you to 100% this feature.

When you collect Lost Ark Island Tokens, you will return to Opher and speak to the statue. The statue is called the Statue of Gienah, the name of the sea god in Arkesia. You can get a collection of vanity items and other luxuries for completing this content. 

As for the rest of them, each Island has a quirk that you need to beat to get the Island token. The general rule of thumbs is to use the following without going into the specifics.

  • Some of the islands require you to take part in the events that we mentioned – Such as Forpe Island. 
  • Meanwhile, others will require you to loot it from a box or pouch – such as Outlaw Isle and Atropes Island.
  • Kill the associated boss on the island
  • Complete a certain amount of dailies from the island before you can get it.
  • Unlock certain Rapport levels with the island’s NPC – such as Blackfang.
  • Complete a quest – see Azure island as an example.
  • Chance to get them from an island’s dungeon – see Asura Island. 

Many islands one legend quest

As you go through these islands, you will find a quest for each of the islands that are worth doing. However, one of the more lucrative Lost Ark island quests you want is the Many Islands One Legend Lost Ark quest. The reason why is because this is a treasure related quest, with some rather amazon rewards.

The ‘Many Islands One Legend’ quest offers players the chance to get three destruction fragment chests, six guardian stone fragment chests, three Harmony shard chests and four Splendid chests, along with some Gold. This is extremely attractive, as the rewards will be a huge boost to your character’s gear honing that you will need to do.

This concludes our Lost Ark Islands guide. If you enjoyed this, why not check out our Lost Ark hub, featuring countless guides relating to the game?

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