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Lost Ark Moake World Boss Guide: Locations, Loot & Tactics

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With players making their way into the tier 3 content, many are finding new content to get their hands on. There are plenty of new Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids and more. However, one of the optional pieces of content you can do are World Bosses. In T3, you get introduced to Lost Ark’s Moake, a giant salamander who spawns per your server’s event calendar.

Lost Ark Moake Guide

In this guide, we will teach you the basics of the Lost Ark Moake’s tactics so that you can win the fight. Moreso, we will provide you with all you need on the location of this world boss along with the loot you can acquire.

You need to be aware that this is an item level 1415 boss fight. If you do not have the time level, you cannot damage the boss. If you do try, your attacks won’t register, and you cannot get credit for killing the boss if you did no damage. So get honing before heading over.

Lost Ark Moake Location

Lost Ark Moake Location
Here is the Lost Ark Moake Location in case you’re wondering?

First, you’re going to need to know the Lost Ark Moake location. You can easily find the big fire breathing boy between Aira Pond and Promise Hill, Tikatika Colony, Punika Island. If you click on the calendar and head over to the Lost Ark Moake event under the Field Boss section, you can press the compass button and find the exact locations. Although, we’ve provided you with that information in the above screenshot.

Moake Tactics

When you get to the boss, you will need to follow these tactics to remain alive. There’s nothing too difficult about Moake, as it has the same usual mechanics you can expect from World Bosses in Lost Ark. However, to avoid unnecessary repairs and spent Phoenix Plumes, we recommend learning the following Lost Ark Moake tactics as they can catch you easily off guard.

  • Glowing Red – When Moake glows red, the boss will do a 360 swipe, hitting those in melee range. After that, the boss will lift its tail into the air and charge up an arena wide AOE. It appears you need to run as far away as possible to escape its deadly blast.
  • Red and White circles – Moake does a variety of different AOE’s that appear at the same time in either a red or white color. Fireballs rain down immediately from Moake’s tail when it is in the air. Meanwhile, the white ones detonate moments later when the boss calls for forth holy energy from them. They can stack so be careful on your positioning.
  • Double Cone – The front and the back of the boss becomes cone attacks. Its face fires a green wave of energy while the tail mirrors that attack with purple energy. Avoid both ends of the boss by standing to its side. The tail end seems to have some leeway under the tail, so you may get away with back attacks, but be careful.
  • Holy Eruptions – The golden circles can periodically erupt throughout the fight as mentioned. Moreso, the boss can place golden rectangles on the floor that can erupt at the same time as the circles. Avoid these locations as much as possible. It is also worth mentioning they tend to go off with other mechanics. At some point, there will be hundreds of rectangles scattered around the battlefield so. Get ready to do your best matrix impression and dodge everything if this happens.
  • Tail Swipe – The boss swipes his tail, similarly to a dragon fight, so pay attention if you’re trying to land back attacks. However, Moake’s body can rotate to, so its best most players stand out of melee range during this ability.
  • Barrel Roll – Is it even a boss if it doesn’t do some form of charge mechanic.
  • Frost AOE– Throughout the fight, the boss can use blue AOE to freeze people caught in it. This needs to be avoided at all costs considering how often the reed and holy AOE effects occur.
  • Body Slam – The boss will periodically jump onto targets near where the boss is currently standing. Moake tends to jump twice before moving on to another mechanic

Moake Loot

Lost Ark World Bosses Journal
You can also get +3 Charisma for killing him and your daily chest.

Moake is going to be a very good source for getting solid end game gear. As it stands, it is the only end game world boss that gives T3 players the chance to loot legendary end game jewellery pieces of gear. The only other place you can get this gear is from Punika’s Chaos Dungeons. So, we recommend doing this World Boss once a day if you can.

Item Description Effects
Battle Engraving Recipe (epic) Obtain an epic Battle Engraving Recipe.
Battle Engraving Recipe (legendary) Obtain a legendary quality battle engraving recipe book.
Bleed (Legendary Rune) Chance to inflict bleed on targets hit with the skill.
Destruction Stone Crystal Red Honing reagent used for honing T3 weapons.
Guardian Stone Crystal Blue Honing reagents used for honing T3 armor.
Legendary Ability Stone Obtain a Legendary Ability Stone that matches your item level.  Contains randomised Engraving nodes you can modify via the Ability Stone Cutter.
Legendary XP Card Grants XP to a character on your roster.
Level 1 Annihilation Gem A gem that grants one random gem effect when used.
Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem A gem that grants one random gem effect when used.
Omnium Star #5 A collectable item that allows you to trade in for a variety of increase potions.
Solar Blessing (bound) A Solar Blessing is a rare quality items that increase the chance of successfully honing T3 gear.
Solar Grace (bound) A Solar Grace item increases the chances of a successfully honed T3 item.
Solar Protection (bound) Solar Protection is an epic quality honing chance increase item used on T3 pieces of gear.
Twisted Space Earrings Legendary quality earrings 5578 primary stat and 1659 Vitality. Gain one random combat stat and three random engravings.
Twisted Space Ring Legendary quality ring 5179 primary stat and 1327 Vitality. Contains one random combat stat and three random engravings.
Twisted Time Earrings Legendary quality earring 5578 primary stat and 1659 Vitality. Gain one random combat stat and three random engravings.
Twisted Time Necklace Legendary quality necklace 7171 primary stat for your class and 2322 Vitality. Contains two random combat stat effects and three random engravings.
Twisted Time Ring Legendary quality ring 5179 primary stat and 1327 Vitality. Contains one random combat stat and three random engravings.

This concludes the Lost Ark Moake Guide. We hope this guide helped you out with gaining some juicy legendary quality engravings and jewellery pieces of gear. May the RNG gods bless you with relevant engravings rather than Drops of Ether! If this Lost Ark Moake guide helped you out, why not check out WePC’s Lost Ark hub for other useful guides and tips?

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