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Meike S35 25mm T2.1 Cine Lens Announced

Meike Global has announced their fourth Super35 prime cine lens, the Meike S35 25mm T2.1. This lens joins the previously released 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm T2.1 S35 cine series, and brings up one step closer to a full set. Let’s take a look at what this affordable S35 cine lens has to offer.

The new Meike S35 25mm T2.1 produces an image circle of 33.6mm, making this lens compatible with cameras like the RED KOMODO, Canon C70, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k. 

In fact, at 33.6mm, this lens may almost cover several full-frame cinema cameras, and could certainly be useful in crop modes. Let’s take a closer look at its design.

Meike S35 25mm T2.1: lens design

The optical structure of this lens consists of 13 elements in 10 groups. It has an aperture range of T2.1-T22, and a minimum focus distance of 35cm.

As a cine lens, it features industry standard 0.8mm pitch gears for focus and aperture controls, and a 270 degree focus rotation. The outer lens diameter of 80mm is suitable for use with a matte box, and the inner filter thread is 77mm. This is in-line with the previously released 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm – perfect if you’re looking for a consistent set.

Meike S35 T2.1 series

When released, the complete set of S35 Cine-Prime lenses from Meike will consist of:

  • 18mm T2.1 (not yet released)
  • 25mm T2.1
  • 35mm T2.1
  • 50mm T2.1
  • 75mm T2.1
  • 100mm T2.1 (not yet released)

We have no official information as to when the next lenses will be released. However, Meike is very consistent with their announcements, so we expect to learn more soon.

Meike S35 25mm T2.1: specs

Lens Mount: PL/EF
Min Focal Dist: 35cm
Filter Thread: ø77
Outer Diameter 80mm
Structure: 13 Elements in 10 Groups
Focal Length: 25mm
Aperture Range: T2.1-T22
Iris Blades: 9
Gear Mod: M0.8
Focus Rotation: 270 Degree
Dimensions (Ø x L):
PL: φ85.5 ×96.5 mm
EF: φ85.5 × 104.5mm
910g 940g

Price and Availability

The Meike S35 25mm T2.1 Cine Lens is available now on Meike’s website for $599.99. The glass comes in both EF and PL-mount options.

Meike also has a line of Full Frame Cine Lenses, and another line of APS-C Cine lenses for Mirrorless cameras with MFT/E/X Mounts.

Have you used Meike Cine lenses during your shoots? How did you like them? Let us know in the comments below.

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