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Modern Warfare 2 Best Icarus 556 Build

Modern Warfare 2 Best Icarus 556 Build

Updated: Sep 27, 2022 11:59 am

If LMGs are your favorite, we’ve got you covered with the best Icarus 556 build for Modern Warfare 2.

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This light machine gun is surprisingly versatile and especially deadly when mounted on cover. Though the weapon’s slow reload speed makes it less ideal for running and gunning, you can still get kills while on the move so long as you play smart.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Icarus 556 Build

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With everyone running around with sub-machineguns in Call of Duty these days, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the LMG. These big, bulky weapons tend to weigh players down and take an age and a half to shoulder. You’re usually already dead by the time you’ve got your sights on an enemy.

Infinity Ward seems to have taken note and introduced the Icarus 556 to the fight. This LMG, like others, is still mainly ideal for sitting behind cover and throwing severe lead down range.

But even if you’re moving between hard points, it isn’t a death sentence should you come across an enemy. This LMG is light enough to go head to head with someone at close range.

The Best Icarus 556 Attachements

  • the FTAC Cold Forge 16″ barrel
  • the VX pineapple vertical grip
  • The SZ Mini optic
  • the Sakin ZX grip
  • the Demo Fade Pro Stock

The FTAC Cold Forge 16″ barrel

This barrel will give you added range while not weighing you down. LMGs are best used for controlling long corridors and open areas. When you see enemies coming from afar, you’re going to want that extra range to be able to reach them.

the VX pineapple vertical grip

Stability is crucial for every weapon in your arsenal, and LMGs are no exception. You want something, though, that you can take a knee and fire, not just from mounting on cover. This grip will ensure your shots land, even if you’re firing on the move.

The SZ Mini optic

We frankly just love this optic. It works so well on so many different guns. The sight picture is open, and it’s got excellent target acquisition, it’s just *chef’s kiss* perfect.

the Sakin ZX grip

We always recommend you have one to two attachments dedicated to aim-down-sight speed. Firing from the hip is a hail mary at anything beyond ten meters, especially with an LMG. The Sakin will make your hand a little bit quicker, so you aren’t the one left pushing up daisies when it comes to a showdown.

the Demo Fade Pro Stock

The extra stability this stock provides will make your LMG a laser. You’ll be able to nail multiple targets at range and make the entire enemy team avoid wherever you happen to be pointing this bullet-breathing dragon.

What other Icarus 556 Attachments are Good?

We see a lot of folks slapping a suppressor on their Icarus. It isn’t our cup of tea, but it does add noise suppression and some recoil smoothing. You have your choice of a couple of different ones, but we recommend the Bruen spearhead.

Best Perks to Equip with the Icarus 556 in Modern Warfare 2

For any LMG build, we recommend the standard support package. This loadout will make you more resistant to tacticals and lethals with the E.O.D. and Battle Hardened perks.

Resupply will give you an extra lethal at spawn, and your equipment recharges every 25 seconds. Survivor will give you the option to self-revive if you’re downed. This comes in handy while fighting enemies at a distance and behind cover. If you get downed you can usually pick yourself back up if the enemy can’t close the distance fast enough to finish you off.

For your lethals/tacticals take whatever you work best with. We prefer flashbangs and thermite grenades.

for your field upgrade, pack the deployable cover. Your LMG does best when mounted on something, so this way, you’ll always have a piece of cover you can use.

Is the Icarus 556 a good gun?

Yes, it’s a very solid LMG that’s good on the go but best used mounted on cover.

is the Icarus 556 a real gun?

Yes, it’s based on the M249 SAW light machinegun. “SAW” stands for “Squad Automatic Weapon”.

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