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Monster Hunter: Rise – Sunbreak: What we know so far

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One of the largest expansions for Monster Hunter Rise is set to release with Sunbreak. A new addition to the game which includes improved gameplay and new additions to combat mechanics, new monsters and hunting locales, and a new difficulty level in the form of Master Rank quests.

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Set after the plot of the core game, Sunbreak focuses on the peace finally achieved at Kamura Village after they fought off an onslaught of monster attacks known as the Rampage. But their peace is overturned by the unexpected appearance of a new monster, Lunagaron in the Shrine Ruins. There, players will meet Fiorayne, a knight of the Royal Order. Fiorayne asks for the player’s help in investigating why monsters from the Kingdom are becoming aggressive and invading other territories. As the hunter who saved Kamura from calamity, players must now journey to Elgado, where they will encounter a number of new monsters to vanquish or capture.

More information has been released concerning Sunbreak at the most recent Monster Hunter Digital Event. You can check out the new gameplay for yourself in the video below:

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: New Features

During the Digital Event, fans were shown all of the new and exclusive content to look out for when Sunbreak is released. Here is all that Sunbreak has to offer:

Sunbreak Edition Pro Controller

Switch Pro Controller MH Sunbreak

To accompany Sunbreak’s release, fans will be able to buy the new and gorgeous Pro Controller.

Improved Hunting Action

New abilities and Endemic Life adds more versatility and excitement to each hunt. In particular, the Hunting Action and Endemic Life being the two new abilities players can master. There are also new silkbind moves and attacks that have been added to each of the 14 primary weapons.

There are two customizable sets: the Red Switch Skill Swap Scroll and the Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll. Players can use Switch Skill Swap to change back and forth between these two scrolls quickly.

Swap evade is a new movement ability that can only be used after a Switch Skill Swap.
It lets you move quickly in any direction so that you can dodge monster attacks and maintain your distance.

You no longer have to perform a Wiredash to initiate a wall run! Simply dash, jump, or perform a midair evade towards a wall in order to run on it. Wall runs can even be initiated from other moves that don’t require the Wirebug Gauge.

New Endemic Life

  • Morphed Wirebugs: New types of Wirebugs that shine more brilliantly than regular ones. There are two types, the Ruby Wirebug and the Gold Wirebug. Capturing one will grant you beneficial effects.
  • Marionette Spiders: Closely related to the Puppet Spider, these creatures are covered in blue hairs with a striking orange pattern. Their silk can be used to take control of a monster and force it in the desired direction, which, if aimed towards an obstacle, can damage the monster and potentially topple it. Use the spider’s silk wisely to create opportunities to attack.
  • Starburst Bug: Beetles that can be found in star-shaped clusters. Once established in a location, they remain stationary there for ages. Their shells are covered in a type of dust that reacts to external stimuli, yielding a change in the creature’s color.
  • Thornytoad: Small amphibians found in their droves in the Resinmires of the Citadel’s forests. Their elastic tongues are tipped with suckers used not only for hunting, but also for clinging to wood, masonry, and other creatures. A ferocious breed that will jump to devour anything, even wounded monsters. Their bodies swell when attacked until they emit concentrated gastric acid that makes even large monsters recoil.

New Monsters

One of the key features players will want to know about are the new monsters featured in Sunbreak. There’s a large number to be found, but these are the main ones. You can find the full list here.



An elder dragon covered with elegant silver scales. It drains the life energy of other living creatures, creeping around at night and attacking its prey from behind. Though Malzeno appears regal at a glance, it takes on a more sinister appearance after draining enough energy.



A monster characterized by its massive and rigid body. Their sap-like fluids can promote plant growth, forging a symbiotic relationship with flora that grows in their bodies. They can also use that sap to harden plants or the surrounding soil, outfitting their bodies and enhancing their attacks.



An azure-colored Fanged Wyvern with an organ that chills the air it inhales, which then circulates throughout its body in a unique form of thermoregulation. It can travel long distances and endure significant environmental changes, allowing them to occupy a wide range of habitats.

New Subspecies and Returning Monsters

Among the new monsters are also some old and familiar faces, as well as new subspecies of old favorites.



Large Flying Wyverns with sharp scales called “Bladescales” all over their body. Seregios are well-known as extremely territorial and belligerent creatures, often engaging in intense combat against other large monsters. Be especially careful when they launch their scales from their body.

Aurora Somnacanth

Aurora Somnacanth

Light illuminates the dust scattered around this subspecies, making their fantastical appearance shimmer softly. Aurora Somnacanth sprays icy blasts in place of sleeping powder, attacking all who dare enter their territory.

Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron live in the Lava Caverns, manipulating rocks, unlike normal Almudron. They secrete a special liquid that melts the ground, allowing them to move freely through the earth.

Follower Collab Quests

Follower Collab Quests are single-player-only quests where you go on a hunt with various characters that appear in the story.

New Locales

Players can now set off to new hunting locales. One of the main ones being the Citadel, a locale centered around the ruins of an old castle.

New characters

Elgado also features a large number of new characters and allies for you to interact with, each of which are fully voiced. You can find the full list of new characters on the offical Monster Hunter Sunbreak page.

New Navirou Armour

Sunbreak will also feature a new Navirou layered armour unlock if you have Monster Hunter Stories 2 save data on your Switch or PC.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is June 30, 2022. Sunbreak will be available in both standalone and digital versions, as well as a full package for the base game and the expansion. 

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