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NHL 23: Will Crossplay Be Available?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022 10:25 pm

As the release date for NHL 23 continues to draw nearer, one of the biggest questions fans might have is whether crossplay will finally be available in EA Sports’ newest hockey game.

Considering gamers have five main platforms to use and play on (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One), crossplay has become more important than ever as fans look to connect with their close friends and family members who might play on a different console or console generation than they do.

The good news is that NHL 23 will be adding in crossplay for their online matchmaking. Following the release of the game on October 14th, EA Sports is aiming to add in crossplay sometime in November. However, NHL 23 won’t fully integrate crossplay the way fans might expect. So what does this all mean?

We break down all the crossplay details you need to be aware of as the NHL 23 launch approaches.

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NHL 23: Cross-Platform Matchmaking

NHL 23 Trevor Zegras Cover Photo min
Curtesy of NHL 23

That’s right! NHL 23 will be bringing cross-platform play to their online matchmaking modes. However, with this news comes a catch: Crossplay will only be available for those with the same console generation.

What this means is that EA Sports will allow PS4 and Xbox One players to compete against each other but won’t permit Xbox One and Xbox Series X users to do so. In other words, fans won’t be able to play cross-generationally considering the contrasting differences in technology and speed between next-gen and current-gen consoles.

Cross-Console Invitations?

Though this would have been cool, NHL 23 will not allow cross-console invites in any of its online modes. What this translates to is that Xbox players can play against PlayStation users, but won’t be able to play on the same team with them.

Being able to play on the same team with other console players would have been special. But it’s an aspect of crossplay that won’t be available this year.

Crossplay Modes

In NHL 23, crossplay will be featured in all World of Chel modes and in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) only. Adding crossplay to their online matchmaking was a big part of EA Sports’ mission to cater a more inclusive experience between fans across the globe, no matter the console they play on.

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