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Online Extras from FWW Issue #295

Online extras from FWW issue #295

Secrets from Chris’s shop

Video: Secrets from Chris’s shop

Contributing editor Chris Gochnour shows off an array of modifications he’s made to his tools to get the most out of his shop time.

Video: The last straw

Video: The last straw (Coming Soon)

Custom furniture maker Gerard Williams demonstrates the subtleties of applying straw marquetry to his pieces.

Hanging Wall Cabinet

Video Workshop: Hanging Wall Cabinet with Michael Pekovich

FWW editor and creative director Michael Pekovich builds a small cabinet that packs in a lot of techniques. It has dovetailed case construction, through-mortise-and-tenon joinery, a dovetailed drawer, a frame-and-panel door, and a decorative kumiko panel. In this series, while demonstrating how to build the cabinet, he teaches woodworking techniques that can be applied to building any piece of furniture.

Eco-friendly composite materials

Article: A closer look at eco-friendly sheet goods

Many sheet goods—especially MDF—–can have alarming amounts of chemicals in them. Assistant digital editor KT Kaminski looks at some friendlier options.

Using a dovetail guide

Article: Using a dovetail guide

Furniture maker Mike Farrington shows his process for cutting dovetails with a saw guide.

How to build an andon lamp

Article: The history of Andon lamps (Coming Soon)

Deputy Editor Jonathan Binzen writes about these Japanese lights, which date back centuries.

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