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Pixel Watch may have two processors, most RAM of any smartwatch

It is strongly believed that the Google Pixel Watch will come with the dated Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset once it is fully unveiled later this year. A new report by 9to5Mac is now suggesting that the smartwatch will be powered by two processors instead of a single processing unit.


  • Google is rumored to use a co-processor for its Pixel Watch.
  • Using two processors may provide longer battery life, better performance.
  • The Pixel Watch could boast a massive amount of RAM and storage.

Advantages of a co-processor on a smartwatch

The purported co-processor is said to be less powerful yet more efficient than the main Exynos 9110 chip. Presumably, it will handle less mundane tasks like continuous monitoring of the user’s vitals and always-on display function. This is a similar method to the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform of Qualcomm with a secondary processor.

Not only the processing stress will be shared between the two processors. Also battery consumption will be more efficient, thus extending the run time of the device with a single charge. Of course, the Wear OS implementation will also play a major role for the actual battery life.

The Google Pixel Watch will apparently feature the same sensor as the Fitbit Charge 5 – including heart rate, heart rate variability and SpO2 tracking. / © Google, NextPit

Google Pixel Watch to have the most RAM in any smartwatch

In addition, the publication also expects that the Pixel Watch could boast the most amount of RAM found in any smartwatch. As for how much is unclear. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series comes with 1.5GB RAM, which could be surpassed by Google’s smart wearable once it arrives alongside the Pixel 7 series.

The Pixel Watch could also get 32GB on-board storage, the same as the Apple Watch Series 7 and twice compared to the current Galaxy smartwatches. Having this extra amount for example means you can store more music tracks on the device for offline playback.

Will the outdated chipset on the Pixel Watch affect your decision to buy it? Let us know in the comment section.

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