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Pokémon GO Water Festival — Wave hello to Dewpider

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Get involved in another Global Challenge and catch some new Pokémon this May as the Water Festival returns to Pokémon GO for 2022.

The Water Festival takes place in Pokémon GO every year, celebrating Water-type Pokémon. This year, as it coincides with the Season of Alola, we’ll see the debut of a Gen 7 Alolan Pokémon never before seen in Pokémon GO. That’s not all, though, as you’ll be able to encounter Water Pokémon from all generations (already in Pokémon GO); from Gen 1’s Psyduck, to Generation 6’s Binacle.

Pokémon GO Water Festival Global Challenge

A Global Challenge has already started around the globe to get Trainers in the Water Festival spirit. If you haven’t already, you can still join in the challenge to catch 600 million Water-type Pokémon globally, between now and May 21, 2022 at 1am PDT/4am EDT/9am BST.

All you have to do to participate is catch as many Water-type Pokémon as you can. You’ll be able to see the world’s progress, your friends’ progress, as well as your own, all on the Today tab in-game.

The reward for completing the challenge? All Trainers will receive double catch Candy for a time if the Challenge is completed within the timeframe.

New Pokémon making their Pokémon GO debut

A selection of brand-new Pokémon will be appearing during the Pokémon GO Water Festival, including an all-new shiny variant, so you’ll want to get out and catch as many Pokémon as you can! Thankfully, they’re all Water-type Pokémon (of course!), so they’ll also count towards that Global Challenge!

Pokemon GO Water Festival Dewpier Lapras

Dewpider and Araquanid

Whether you’re arachnophobic or not, there’s no denying the Water Bubble Pokémon Dewpider is incredibly adorable (especially if you’ve ever seen its appearance in the anime episode Dewpider Ascending!). A Gen 7 Pokémon, Dewpider, and its evolution Araquanid, is making its Season of Alola Pokémon GO debut during the Water Festival. Appearing in the wild and in Field Research, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch the water-dwelling spider.

Shiny Binacle

Binacle, the Two-Handed Pokémon, has only been in Pokémon GO for just over a year, making its first appearance in April 2021. It’s still pretty rare, as well, so you might still be struggling to collect the 50 Binacle Candies needed to evolve it into Barbaracle. Well, thanks to the Water Festival 2022, you’ll get more chances to obtain those Candies.

Even better, though, the Rock and Water-type Pokémon will be debuting in its shiny form – as if you needed any more reason to catch them all.

Costumed Lapras

Finally, Lapras will be cutting a new figure during this year’s Water Festival, adorned in a cute, silky neck tie, perfectly coordinated with its blue body. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to catch a shiny, in which case the blue scarf will just stand out even more against the purple Pokémon. And, if you want to match your favorite new Lapras, there will even be a matching Water Festival scarf available for your avatar in the in-game shop.

Water Festival Catch Challenge Timed Research

There will be a short Time Research available during the Water Festival which will reward Trainers with said Costumed Lapras, and a Dewpider. It requires catching a lot of Pokémon, though, so it might take a while, but will be a good way to get ahead in that Global Challenge.

  • Catch 15 Pokémon — Catch 20 Poké Balls
  • Catch 50 Pokémon — 25 Great Balls
  • Catch 25 Water-type Pokémon — 25 Ultra Balls
  • Catch ten different species of Pokémon — 50 Gyarados Mega Energy

Water-type and other Pokémon appearing in the wild

Water-type and other Pokémon appearing in Raids

Water-type Pokémon appearing in 7km eggs

To obtain 7km Eggs, you’ll need to open Gifts from friends during the event period. Egg-hatch Pokémon are determined when the Egg is obtained rather than when it hatches, so you don’t need to hatch them all during event hours. Don’t forget to make sure you have both Pokémon storage space and Egg space available before opening your gifts.

Pokémon encounters from Field Research tasks

A Poni Island Adventure Special Research

And don’t forget, running alongside the Water Festival will be the A Poni Adventure, the fourth Season of Alola Special Research Story. We’ve got a separate guide on all the Poni Island tasks you’ll need to complete and how you’ll be rewarded, as well as guides on the previous three Alolan Special Research lines. You’ll need to complete all four before June 1, 2022, to be able to partake in the fifth and final seasonal Special Research.

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