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Samsung debacle: Rollout for performance fix started

Last week, Samsung faced a lot of criticism after it became known that it forced the throttling of performance in some devices. Now the company distributes an update for the S22 in South Korea that replaces the so-called “Game Optimizing Service.”


  • Samsung distributes firmware updates with a “Game Performance Mode” in South Korea.
  • The new feature ensures that the full performance of the device can be accessed.
  • The update date for other regions is not known.

Last week it was revealed that Samsung throttled the performance of several thousand apps on some smartphones and caused quite a stir. It was agitating to find out that many games and apps like Netflix were affected, but benchmark tests were conveniently left out. Now, a firmware fix update for the Galaxy S22 is distributed in South Korea.

Introducing Game Performance Management Mode 

According to Samsung, it will be possible to completely deactivate the “Game Optimizing Service” (GOS) that causes the issues in the future. With the “Game Performance Management Mode,” the smartphone gets an entirely new function with which you can adjust the device’s performance.

We do not yet know precisely how this new performance feature will work. However, you will be able to unleash the full power of the smartphone for both CPU and GPU. At the moment we cannot say how this will affect gaming performance and thermals.

There is also no information about when this update will find its way to the Western world. However, we assume that this will at least be the case for the S22 in the next few days. Geekbench had initially reacted very quickly and dropped several Samsung models from its benchmark list, and they may make a quick comeback after the update.

We still do not know which Samsung smartphones were affected by the throttling. But we can expect that it will take a few more days for Samsung to update the corresponding firmware on all affected devices. A class-action lawsuit from several Samsung users is also being prepared, so the trouble for the South Korean company is not over yet.

Nevertheless, it is a good sign that Samsung could react so quickly and deliver an update.

What’s your opinion on this whole fiasco? Do you forgive Samsung because they reacted very quickly? Or are you still skeptical?

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