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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4 to sport welcome design upgrades

Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 became a hot topic on the internet a few days ago after the alleged specs of the duo leaked. While it might hint of unexciting internal hardware change, the new details that emerged suggest a radical and exciting update to the design of the foldable smartphones duo after all.


  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 could feature new hinge design.
  • The improved hinge could reduce the dimensions of the device.
  • Samsung may introduce a better under display camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

If the older leaks are to believed, we’re up for a “boring” improvement on Samsung’s new foldables this fall. However, some recently surfaced renderings are hinting towards an interesting design change. It looks like the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 and especially Z Fold 4 may tackle one of the major issues.

Smaller hinge, sleeker device

According to the reliable leaker, IceUniverse, Samsung will be utilizing a new hinge for its unannounced foldable devices. The improved hinge will have a significant impact on aesthetics of the two Galaxy Z smartphone as it will reduce the area occupied by the folding mechanism.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 (right) may sport a new hinge to produce a narrower dimension in comparison to its predecessor (left). / © Twitter/u/IceUniverse

In contrast, a side-by-side render of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 depicts that the footprint on the latter will be narrower when folded. Additionally, this design update for the foldable successor corroborates well with an alleged casing that was spotted by IceUniverse earlier.

Better front-facing hidden camera for the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 may also get an upgrade to its UPC – or Under Panel Camera. In terms of numbers, the current 4MP hidden camera of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is covered by only 172 pixels, and that value may more than double for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The leaker estimates about 400 pixels which may translate to a more effective disguise for the camera.

Of course, we always recommend that you take these details with a pinch of salt until the next Samsung event. But regardless of the authenticity of these leaks, which features of the Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold 4 do you anticipate most? Let us know your thoughts.

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