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Samsung stops shipping chargers with its new Galaxy A series phones in the US

Last year Samsung began shipping its flagship Galaxy S21 series phones without bundled chargers and that trend carried over to the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 as well as the brand new Galaxy S22 series. It’s now confirmed that the trend will carry over to the more budget Galaxy A series with the US landing pages for the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A03s confirming no in-box wall plug.

In-box contents for Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A03s

In-box contents for Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A03s

The move is also rumored to spread to the Galaxy M-series too which only confirms previous speculation of Samsung ditching bundled chargers on all its new phones. It remains to be seen if the charger-less Galaxy A and M-series will follow in more markets outside the US but for now, it looks like that’s a safe bet.

Source | Via 1Via 2 (Tweet)

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