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Sifu 2022 roadmap for seasonal content updates

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Sloclap, the creator of martials arts Action-Adventure game Sifu, has revealed a content roadmap for the game, with four major content updates coming over the course of 2022.

Sifu roadmap — Spring Content Update

The Spring Update, released on May 4, 2022, brought the first major content update to Sifu, and included some pretty, well, game-changing changes. The biggest change to come with the Spring Update was the addition of difficulty levels. You can now choose whether to take on enemies at Student, Disciple or Master level, even better if you are wanting to reply. Three Outfits were added, one – the Young Man Suit – is exclusive to Deluxe owners, while the other two – Wude and Vengeance – are available to earn through gameplay. You can now change Outfits in a new interactive wardrobe in the Wuguan.

For more details on the Sifu Spring Update, we have a full rundown of the Sifu 1.08 patch notes.

Sifu roadmap — Summer Content Update

In the Summer update, which doesn’t yet have a release date, there will be a change to scoring and some additional Outfits to earn. However, the biggest change coming in the second Sifu content update is the addition of gameplay modifiers. In addition to the existing difficulty levels, you will be able to change the way you fight through China with modifiers like one health point, stronger enemies or every skill unlocked.

Sifu roadmap — Fall Content Update

In the third content update to Sify, coming in the Fall, Sloclap will be adding even more gameplay modifiers and Outfits. The main change coming with this update, though, will be the addition of a replay editor, so you’ll be able to watch back your successes (or failures if you so wish), and create awesome playbacks of your best Sifu moments.

Sifu Update — Winter Content Update

Finally for 2022, the Winter Sifu update will bring a new game mode, giving you enough time to play and replay Sifu with different difficulties and mods, before taking on new Arenas. And, as with the previous updates, we’ll also get even mode modifiers and Outifts.

That’s all the information we have on the Sifu roadmap so far, and we’ll update you when each of these mammoth content updates comes around. If you’ve not got Sifu yet, or you’re looking to play it on PC, then take a look at the Sifu System Requirements.

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