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Silk & Snow Announces Retail Launch in EQ3

Silk & Snow, an environmentally conscious sleep and wellness brand from Toronto, recently announced its retail debut with Winnipeg-based home goods and furnishings retailer EQ3


Customers across Canada and the USA can now shop Silk & Snow mattresses and accessories online and in stores at all 16 EQ3 locations. The launch marks a major company milestone as Silk & Snow’s entrance to the brick-and-mortar retail space.


The brand brings to EQ3 its signature eco-conscious mattresses, classic linens, and bestselling weighted blankets while reimagining the Silk & Snow shopping experience in the process. 


“Expansion into retail stores has always been a goal for us and we are very excited that we get to make this transition and bring our unique product offering into EQ3, a fellow Canadian company,” says Albert Chow, Co-founder, Silk & Snow. “As a company that designs and produces products with better materials, conscious manufacturing, and transparency at our core, we are committed to providing customers with the high-quality, modern design that they expect from EQ3 brands.”


Formerly, Silk & Snow customers largely had to rely on the e-commerce space alone to purchase their eco-conscious bedding items as the brand had one showroom in downtown Toronto. Customers can now opt to visit EQ3 locations to test out Silk & Snow bedding before bringing it home the same day. 


“EQ3 strives to provide timeless, consciously manufactured furnishings to customers around the globe,” says Jill Winograd, VP of Sales & Merchandising. “We are excited to partner with Silk & Snow, a fellow Canadian brand that shares our values of quality, transparency and collaboration, and bring their mattresses and bedding directly to consumers.”

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About Silk & Snow 


Silk & Snow is Canada’s favorite environmentally-friendly sleep and wellness brand. Silk & Snow provides a thoughtfully curated line of lifestyle products, including locally-made mattresses that use traceable, environmentally-conscious manufacturing principles.  


About EQ3


EQ3 is a furniture and home goods designer, manufacturer, and retailer with a unique Canadian approach that considers not only the design of a product, but the process. We focus on making furniture that’s timeless, not trendy. We strive to offer designs that not only solve problems but will last, so you can trust that our pieces are made with the best materials, in collaboration with the best partners available. Product design, R&D, and custom upholstery manufacturing all take place at our HQ in Winnipeg, Canada—which means that products go from designer’s sketch to production line, all in the same building. Chances are we can even tell you the upholsterer for your product by name. We offer a curated selection of materials in a rainbow of colours and shades so you can customize your upholstery piece your way—whether you prefer leather or fabric, the choice is yours. Visit one of our sixteen showrooms across Canada and the U.S. and let us show you how design is at the heart of everything we do.


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